Rimac Nevera new world record in fastest reverse car

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Rimac Nevera as of now holds the record of being the quickest electric vehicle with a maximum velocity of 412 km/h (256 mph).


Rimac Automobili has gotten its name in the Guinness World Book of Records. The organization’s all-electric hypercar-Nevera as of late turned into the quickest vehicle to move in reverse. The Croatian supercar brand shared its prosperity on its virtual entertainment handles. The test was led at the Auto Testing Papenburg Center in Germany, highlighting two 4 km straights.

Rimac Nevera: Quickest vehicle in switch
The Nevera as of now holds the differentiation of being the quickest electric vehicle on the planet and presently the battery-controlled hypercar recorded the most noteworthy maximum velocity of 275.74 km/h (171.34 mph) in switch. Nevera broke the past world record of Caterham 7 Fireblade which recorded a maximum velocity of 165 km/h while running in reverse in 2001.

The Guinness World Records delegate officially supported the new most noteworthy speed backward record. Behind the wheels of the hypercar was test pilot Goran Drndak. Prior in May this year, Rimac set 23 execution worldwide bests in a solitary day consequently, laying out Nevera as the quickest electric hypercar. Likewise, Rimac Gathering came out on top for the speed championship at Nürburgring in August, beating the lap record by a creation EV by 20 seconds.


Talking on this accomplishment, Drndak said, “On the actual run, it most certainly took some becoming acclimated to. You’re confronting straight out in reverse, watching the landscape streak away from you quicker and quicker, feeling your neck pulled advances in practically a similar sensation you would regularly get under weighty slowing down.”

This earth shattering accomplishment was made conceivable by Nevera’s imaginative plan and drivetrain, involving four individual electric engines for each wheel that power the vehicle in light of the bearing they’re turning. Further, shortfall of a conventional gearbox guarantees that all power and force is accessible from the second the driver steps on the gas pedal.

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Controlling Rimac Nevera is a quad-engine arrangement that draws energy from a 120 kWh battery. This power unit belts out 1,914 PS of force and a pinnacle force of 2,360 Nm. Concerning execution, the Nevera can run from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.74 seconds, has a quarter mile speed of 8.25 seconds, and can penetrate a maximum velocity of 412 km/h (256 mph).


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