Pakistan’s World Cup Semi-Final Dreams turn into vain.

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Pakistan captain Babar Azam could do nothing as England won the toss and picked to bat first against Pakistan in their last group stage match of World Cup 2023. Pakistan expected to bat first in the game and presented 400+ sudden spikes in demand for get an opportunity to qualify for the semi-finals.


In a surprising turn of events at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Saturday, Pakistan’s cricket captain, Babar Azam, couldn’t contain his laughter during the toss. The crucial match demanded Pakistan to bat first to maintain their slim chances of reaching the semi-finals. However, hopes were dashed when England won the toss and chose to bat. Azam’s unexpected reaction added a touch of humor to the intense game. Despite the setback, the cricket enthusiasts witnessed a moment of levity on the field, making the Kolkata clash memorable for more than just its competitive nature.

In anticipation of their crucial group stage clash, Babar emphasized the team’s readiness for potential Net Run Rate implications in the tournament. Voicing confidence in his squad, he highlighted Fakhar Zaman’s pivotal role, stating that if he anchored the innings for 20-30 overs, Pakistan could meet their NRR objectives. Regrettably, the toss didn’t favor Pakistan, leading to their elimination from the tournament. Now confronted with a daunting challenge, Pakistan must undertake the formidable task of chasing down England’s target. Despite the setback, Babar’s strategic foresight remains a testament to the team’s proactive approach in navigating tournament complexities.

In a recent statement, Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam expressed his team’s desire to bat first, emphasizing their strong batting lineup. Despite losing the toss, Babar remains optimistic, highlighting the team’s formidable bowling attack. “The toss is not in our hands, obviously. We have a good bowling attack. We need to bowl well and get them out as quickly as possible,” he remarked. Babar also mentioned a lineup change, with Shadab Khan replacing Hasan Ali. Despite the toss setback, Babar Azam is confident in his team’s ability to perform well in the upcoming game, showcasing resilience and determination.

In anticipation of another stellar Fakhar innings, the team is eager to witness his exceptional batting display, bringing joy to the dressing room. Despite Pakistan’s challenging journey in the 2023 World Cup, losing four consecutive matches for the first time in ODI World Cup history, Babar Azam remains optimistic. The team faced its first-ever World Cup defeat against Afghanistan and narrowly missed victory against South Africa in Chennai. In a pre-match press conference, Babar Azam emphasized that the pivotal moment was the South Africa game, attributing it to the team’s tournament setback. The upcoming match holds promise for a turnaround, with hopes pinned on Fakhar’s batting brilliance.


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