Meg Lanning Aus Legend retired from International Cricket.

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Australian legend Meg Lanning resigned from international cricket leaving a legacy that would be difficult to match for anybody, including men’s & women’s cricket.

“I just wanted to switch off from cricket, get away a little bit, give myself a bit of time to think and work out where I wanted to be.”


Meg Lanning Unconventional Break:-

Meg Lanning, having achieved much in cricket, sought a break.

After Australia’s Commonwealth Games win, she took an unexpected hiatus.

Departing from cricket, she worked as a barista in a Melbourne café.

Here, she engaged with customers, enjoying the unpredictability of her new routine.

Lanning found joy in the daily diversity, washing dishes and crafting coffees, stepping away from the structured cricket environment.

Reflecting on this unique break, she valued the random conversations and novelty this experience brought, offering a fresh perspective outside the cricket field.

This hiatus provided a pivotal shift, allowing her to embrace life’s unpredictability beyond sports.

Lanning Transition: Pondering Beyond Cricket:-

Stepping away from her customary role as the leader of Australia, Meg Lanning embraced a new routine, immersing herself in the simple, everyday tasks of an average person.

The transition marked a shift in perspective, enabling her to prioritize what was within her control.

“Working at the café allowed me to do that and had a lot of fun.”

This unexpected diversion highlighted Lanning’s contemplation of a new phase in her life.

Despite her significant career achievements, she grappled with the idea of continuing in cricket, realizing the need for self-conviction and defining future aspirations.

Participating in the inaugural WPL edition in March, Lanning exhibited uncertainty about her future in cricket.

Her contemplation was evident, indicating a wavering determination regarding her continued involvement in the sport.

Throughout this period, a realization emerged.

Lanning found herself at a crossroads, pondering her place in the sport she had excelled in, contemplating the significance and direction of her future involvement.

This contemplative phase indicated a potential transition towards a new chapter in her life.

In September, Lanning reentered professional cricket in the WNCL, hinting at a return to Australia’s squad.

Instantly, she showcased her form, hammering a fifty for Victoria against Western Australia.

Presently captaining Melbourne Stars in the WBBL, Lanning’s 75 runs against Hobart Hurricanes displayed her unwavering skill against renowned bowlers like Shabnim Ismail and Molly Strano.

Despite her resurgence, Lanning won’t join Australia in the forthcoming multi-format tour of India.

The team will likely be led by Alyssa Healy, although an official announcement from Cricket Australia is pending.

Lanning and her security:-

Lanning assumed the Australian captaincy, instilling a sense of security.

Her consistent prowess as both a batter and leader solidified this identity.

In dire situations, she consistently salvaged the team from seeming defeat, earning respect from opponents who recognized her ability to capitalize on even the smallest opportunity.

Comparatively, MS Dhoni holds an iconic status in men’s cricket for achieving victories across all three limited-overs ICC trophies.

Despite retiring from Test cricket before the World Test Championship’s introduction, Lanning stands unparalleled as a captain in global cricket, across both men’s and women’s formats.

Her leadership yielded notable victories: securing four T20 World Cup titles (2014, 2018, 2020, 2023), an ODI World Cup title in 2022, and three Women’s Ashes victories (2015, 2019, 2022). Additionally, she led Australia to a gold medal in the CWG final against India at Edgbaston.

With an impressive record of 146 victories out of 179 matches, her captaincy exemplified remarkable success.

Assuming captaincy at 21, Lanning continuously amassed accolades. Notably, she became the youngest Australian to hit an ODI hundred at 18 years and 288 days, showcasing her early prowess against a formidable English bowling attack.

Anticipating the Future Challenge:-

In Lanning’s absence, Healy has taken charge of the Australian squad across formats, initiating a shift in the team’s dynamics.

Although the team composition remains largely unchanged, the leadership transition to Healy has ushered in a degree of variation.

This change is notable considering Australia’s nearly invincible status over the last six years.

July witnessed a significant upset as Australia suffered their first ODI series loss in over a decade in the Women’s Ashes.

Their defeat against England, a margin not seen since 1973, highlighted their vulnerability.

Although Healy’s team retained the Ashes, they conceded the series 1-2.

The T20I series loss against England marked another milestone – Australia’s first defeat in six years.

During Lanning’s tenure, Australia had conquered what initially appeared as insurmountable challenges.

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However, under Healy’s leadership, the team encountered a setback, notably failing to defend a target of 200+ in WT20Is, a rare low for the team.

As the India tour approaches, the team’s coherence and performance remain uncertain.

Lanning’s absence will undoubtedly be felt, leaving a void in expertise.

Yet, this period serves as an opportunity for Healy to exhibit her ability to steer the Australian team.

Her absence leaves a significant void in the team, challenging the squad to adapt and excel without her unparalleled leadership.






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