IIT Geniuses Revolutionize Digital Livestock Journey – Unleash Triumph

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“IIT Delhi alumni, Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra, achieved remarkable milestones by founding India’s premier online marketplace for cattle and buffalo trading.

Originating as a weekend project, Animal swiftly evolved into a half-million-worth company in 2023. after iit,Focused on revolutionizing India’s dairy sector. The startup has successfully transformed the cattle business landscape.

Now, millions of farmers can conveniently purchase cows and buffaloes through their mobile devices. Marking a significant shift in accessibility and convenience within the industry. This innovative approach underscores the founders’ commitment to enhancing the agricultural experience.”,thanks to these iit,



“Simplifying cattle acquisition, this app provides easy access within a 100-kilometer radius. Transforming an erstwhile disorganized sector.

Entrepreneurs Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra capitalized on this opportunity.

listing over 2 million cattle and facilitating 1 million successful transactions.

Beside being, recognized in Forbes 2022, the founders earned a spot in Asia’s Super 30 under 30. Their venture not only streamlines the cattle market.

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But also sets a remarkable precedent in the industry’s digital evolution. Enhancing accessibility for buyers and sellers alike.”

“Introduced in 2019 at a Pratilipi hackathon, Animal gained acclaim, securing both Jury and Audience Awards. Proactively engaging farmers, the founders, along with Anurag Bisoy and Libin V Babu, addressed sector challenges through surveys.

Launched with a Rs 50 lakh investment, Animal quickly attracted Rs 150 crore funding, propelling it from a small Bengaluru office to an annual revenue exceeding Rs 550 crore.

therefore,The startup’s rapid growth underscores its innovative approach to addressing agricultural challenges.”

IITian’s Company turnover

“According to RoC’s financial statement, Animal exhibited significant operating scale growth, soaring 148-fold from FY21 to FY22, escalating from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7.4 crore.

The majority, 90%, of revenue stems from cattle trading, while the remaining 10% originates from healthcare, artificial insemination, and marketplace commission.

Securing Rs 17 crore in funding from notable investors, the startup’s latest triumph came in its Series B round, raising an impressive $14 million (around Rs 116 crore).”


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