7 Coimbatore College Students Arrested.

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Coimbatore Police have captured seven students of PSG School of Technology for purportedly ragging and attacking a junior from the similar college.


Upwards of seven students from PSG School of Technology in Coimbatore have been captured for purportedly ragging and attacking their junior.

The person in question, a second-year designing student at PSG School of Technology, was purportedly exposed to attack by his seniors, during which they likewise effectively shaved his head.

A cop, who addressed India Today television, said, “The second-year designing student was being badgering and extorted by the senior students over the most recent couple of days. On Monday, they took him to a room where he was attacked for a really long time.”

He said, “The seniors utilized a belt to raise a ruckus around town understudy and there were scraped spots on his body.”

The casualty documented a protest, after which police started a case, prompting the capture of seven students from the school. The school the board has guaranteed its full participation with any lawful activities regarding this situation.


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