Who was Karamjit Multani? Indian-origin man kills self after fatally shooting brother and injuring mother in NYC

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An Indian-origin man killed himself after fatally shooting his brother and injuring his mother inside the family’s Queens home. According to the police, Karamjit Multani, who was the father of three, was very upset after his family mocked him about his financial problems and failed grocery store.

33-year-old Karamjit Multani (right) and 27-year-old Vipanpal Multani (left) with their sister. (CBS2)
33-year-old Karamjit Multani (right) and 27-year-old Vipanpal Multani (left) with their sister. (CBS2)

The incident occurred on Saturday night in New York’s Richmond Hill district, where roughly 26 percent of the population is Indian or Caribbean, as per the officials.

One of the victims has been identified as Vipanpal Multani, 27, while the police are yet to reveal the identity of injured mother,52, who was shot in the stomach.

Before killing himself, Karamjit Multani left a “detailed, prolonged text message” that investigators termed as a “manifesto” about continuous family animosity.

Joseph Kenny, NYPD Chief of Detectives, revealed that Karamjit Multani sent a message to his spouse prior to the incident in which he described the “abuse” he allegedly received from his family.

“There was some indication that he made his son a sheikh [religious title] where apparently the only person supposed to do that is the eldest male in the family, which would have been the father,” Kenny stated on Tuesday.

“But they were fighting about that and fighting about financial problems and fighting about the preferential treatment he felt his brother was getting because he was more successful.”

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A look into Karamjit Multani’s family turmoil

The internal rift became fatal after the family’s patriarch gave both of his sons cash and assets to start their own enterprises, according to Kenny.

Vipanpal opened a successful deli in Valley Stream, while the accused brother tried to set up a grocery store in Indiana, which failed “miserably” and he went bankrupt.

The night before the incident, Karamjit’s father told him that he wanted him to leave the house, leading him to send away his wife and kids back to Indiana.

The gun shooting took place following an argument between the brothers on Saturday night. Karamjit shot his brother after he went into his room to sleep. The mother and father both tried to stop their violent son, but failed in their attempt.

Karamjit escaped the house and rushed down the street before shooting himself. Police discovered his body near a street corner with a gunshot wound to his head.

Kenny said that police have the video of him removing his turban and shooting himself only one time in the head.

Vipanpal was fatally wounded nine times, while the mother was shot in the arm and torso.

Here’s what shocked neighbours have to say about the family

In contrast to police statement about brewing animosity, a family friend, Mandeep, told The Post that the murder-suicide was “out of the blue.”

The stunned neighbours described the family as “super quiet.”

Gina Fernandez informed that Karamjit used to play on the street with his children and the two siblings seemed very close.

“We never heard the brothers fighting,” she explained, adding that “They’re the best brothers, you know, hang out together…They were nice persons.”

The accused’s father, Bhupinder Multani, claimed that there were no interpersonal issues that led to his son’s extreme actions. The New York City Police Department is investigating the crime.

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