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‘We are planning to cater to the customers in the Tier II and Tier III cities with our Titan Watches.

‘We are planning to cater to the customers in the Tier II and Tier III cities with our Titan Watches stores,’ said CEO Suparna Mitra.


The hunger for premium section watch is serious areas of strength for extremely upper medium and high society Indian purchasers, says Suparna Mitra, President, Watch and Wearable Titan Organization Restricted. She said the premium watches portion of Titan, that incorporate brands like Titan Edge, Raga, Heavenly and Cloud, is doing quite well.

On the event of the relaunch of Fastrack’s retail location in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, she said, “Premium class items, reasonable extras and smartwatches are the three recognizable patterns in the watches and wearables division. Due to the effect of online entertainment forces to be reckoned with and different big names, the style remainder of watches has gone up altogether. The more youthful age has acknowledged looks as an embellishment and it has become as significant as garments and shoes.”

She further said Titan is attempting to underwrite the rising interest in every one of the three patterns. “We are focusing on the superior section with our top notch corporate store Helios with in excess of 195 stores the nation over. We are constantly adding more up to date brands to the stores. As of late, in the quarter 2 of FY24, we have added Milus and Ernest Borel (both Swiss brands) and will add Charriol and U-Boat to our stores very soon. Furthermore, Fastrack is going very well in reasonable watches too. The cost range for Fastrack watches stays between Rs 1,800 to Rs 6,000 while the cost band for Titan watches is Rs 6,000 to Rs 13,000. Very soon Titan will send off savvy watches with a cost range above Rs 15,000. Then again in the Savvy Watches section we are the fourth biggest player as far as piece of the pie. Last year we had a turnover of Rs 510 crore for the savvy watch. However, in this monetary year the turnover for the main half was Rs 435 crore.”

It very well might be referenced that Fastrack has 195 stores across India. 11 of these stores are in Gujarat state while 4 stores are in Ahmedabad. Titan has three corporate store named, Titan World, Fastrack and Helios. Titan world has around 630 stores in the country. “We are wanting to take care of the clients in the Level II and Level III urban communities with our Titan stores”, said Mitra.

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Remarking on the smartwatch market, she said, “The shrewd watches section is developing at a triple digit rate. This can be perceived by the way that two years back, India was the third biggest market for smartwatch and presently it is the biggest market. India has outperformed China and the US regarding utilization volume. The assessed offer of smartwatch this year in Indian business sectors is around 50 million units.”


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