Watch | Delhi water crisis: Residents ’can’t go to work’ as they battle empty vessels amid sweltering heatwave

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Residents of the Sanjay Camp area in Chanakyapuri, Geeta Colony, and other parts of Delhi-NCR have been grappling with severe water shortages over the past few days amid a sweltering heatwave. Video footage from these areas depicts locals queuing up beside water tankers, using pipes to refill their empty vessels.

The water supply shortage has adversely affected the daily activities of locals. News agency PTI quoted a resident as saying, “There’s a huge scarcity of water here. Those who don’t have pipes won’t even get water (from tankers). People can’t go to work because of the water scarcity.” 

In response to the water supply shortage in the national capital, the Delhi Government assigned ADM/SDM level officers to each zone. These officers, accompanied by a team of Tehsildars and other officials, will serve as a ‘Quick Response Team’ to oversee the distribution of water tankers and address water-related complaints.

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Addressing a press conference on June 11, Delhi BJP chief Virendra Sachdeva accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of stealing water. He said, “Water is being stolen under the Delhi government’s protection. Delhi Jal Board, its officers, chairman, and Delhi government are responsible for the water crisis.”

He said that Delhi is struggling with even a drop. Delhi will struggle with floods in a few months because the drains have not been cleaned.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is set to hear the Delhi government’s plea today to release surplus water from Himachal Pradesh. The apex court presided over by vacation bench Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra and Justice Prasanna B Varale, adjourned the hearing on Monday, raising strong objections to the AAP government’s failure to remove defects in its petition.

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The Supreme Court’s order on June 6 decreed the Himachal Pradesh government to release 137 cusecs of surplus water to Delhi with prior intimation to Haryana. It further directed the Upper Yamuna River Board (UYRB) to measure water released by Himachal Pradesh at Hathnikund in Haryana.


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