Viral video: Giant humpback whale jumps out of water in air; netizens say, ‘How lucky to be…’

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The magnanimous view of a giant humpback whale’s breaching performance was captured by a wildlife photographer. The spectacular video of the giant creature jumping out of the water and performing twirls in the air, was shared by the photographer, Rafael Mesquita Ferreira on his Instagram account.

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In the viral video, the enormous humpback whale can be seen jumping out of water for a spectacular leap in air. The video has received nearly 17000 likes so far and thousands of comments from viewers who were left awestruck by the magical view of the ocean.

“The impossibility of ananimal weighing dozens of tons jumping whole out of the water! I will never watch this without getting goosebumps! took this image yesterday in Ilhabela, Brazil,” wrote Rafael Mesquita Ferreira while sharing the video on Instagram.

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‘How lucky to be able to…’

Wondering the privilege of witnessing the amazing moment live, an Instagram user commented, “This privilege is a gift that cannot be measured. How lucky to be able to be with them live!!!!”

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Another user applauded the video and wrote, “Man, that’s so cool! The photos and videos you make put us inside the scene, as if we were present in the moment. Congratulations for this talent! Never get tired of seeing your posts.”

“If I see a business like this in front of me, I’ll zero my life for a while. If I die the next day, you don’t worry, I’ll be very happy! It’s been a dream for years, since I made bio marine,” wrote another user.

“I wanted to be in this boat What a video Rafaaa,” read another comment.

According to National Geographic, humpback whales can be found in every ocean in the world. Their giant pectoral fins can grow up to 16 feet long.

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