“Victory of India : Shami’s historic feat: First bowler to passionately claim 7 wickets in the World Cup.”

“Shami’s masterful 7-wicket display in the team of India disrupts New Zealand’s chase, revealing a strategic ploy to unsettle batters.

“Shami’s masterful 7-wicket display in the team of India disrupts New Zealand’s chase, revealing a strategic ploy to unsettle batters with pace variations.”

“Shami’s stellar 7/57 sets a new record for Indian bowlers in the World Cup, achieving 50 wickets in just 17 games. Despite emphasizing the value of pitching up for early wickets, the 33-year-old strategically slowed the pace to prompt airborne shots. Wednesday’s player of the match, Shami reflects on taking calculated risks to secure victory. His approach, a blend of precision and adaptability, proves instrumental in India’s triumph on the cricketing stage.”

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India's Win

“Despite the impressive win, Shami expressed concern about the dew factor in the evening. The fear of dew affecting the game lingered, especially with the wicket being shaved off. Shami, seizing his chance in the playing XI due to Hardik Pandya’s injury, emphasized his readiness and patience. Limited white-ball cricket opportunities preceded his return against New Zealand in Dharamsala, marking a pivotal moment in his comeback journey.”

“Yet, Shami expressed remorse for dropping New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, relieved that it didn’t impact India’s performance. Breaking the semi-final jinx after setbacks in the last two World Cups, he described the feeling as amazing. Acknowledging the uncertainty of future opportunities, Shami emphasized the team’s determination to seize this singular chance. “Everything for this,” he declared, encapsulating the collective commitment that fueled India’s success in overcoming past disappointments.”

Summary Of India Vs New zealand : Shami’s Wickets

Shami’s outstanding 7-wicket performance disrupted New Zealand’s chase in the World Cup, showcasing a strategic approach to unsettle batters. Setting a new Indian record with 7/57, he amassed 50 wickets in 17 games. Despite prioritizing early wickets by pitching up, Shami strategically varied pace to induce airborne shots. Expressing concern over dew impacting the game, he seized the chance in the XI due to Pandya’s injury. Shami’s remorse for dropping Kane Williamson contrasts with India’s relief, breaking the semi-final jinx and emphasizing determination for this unique opportunity.

Source : https://www.rediff.com/cricket/report/world-cup-2023-i-believe-in-pitching-it-up-and-getting-wickets-shami/20231116.htm

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