Upset with ‘termination’, Indian national deletes data worth ₹5.6 crore from Singapore company server

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After being fired from his job at Singapore firm NCS,  ‘upset and confused’ Indian employee deleted 180 virtual servers, which resulted in a loss of USD678,000 ( 5.6 crore) to the company. 

Thirty-nine-year-old Kandula Nagaraju, has now been sentenced to two years and six months’ jail term by a Singapore court after he was found guilty of accessing company data without authorisation and deleting 180 virtual servers.

According to Channel News Asia, Kandula Nagaraju, was upset that he was fired by NCS in October 2022 because of his poor performance and his employment ended on November 16, 2022.

Kandula was a part of a 20-member team responsible for managing quality assurance (QA) computer system at NCS. The company offers information communication and technology services.

Although Kandula’s former team had access to new software, programs, and other virtual servers, there was no confidential information about the company. However, the servers and other data deleted by Kandula might have incurred a loss in crores to the company.

Kandula felt ‘upset’ and ‘confused’ after termination 

Soon after his termination, Kandula felt confused and upset as he found himself performing well. He also felt that he had made “good contributions” to NCS during his employment, reported Channel News Asia referring to court documents.

After being fired by the company, Kandula had no other job in Singapore and he returned to India. Later, he used his laptop to gain unauthorised access to the system using administrator login credentials. He repeated the same process for six times between January 16 and January 17 in 2023 to wipe off company’s server data.

Later he found a new job in Singapore and returned to the country. However, he continued to access the company system and deleting crucial data. After three months, NCS team initiated an inquiry in the matter and a complain was registered with Singapore police. 

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