UK Elections 2024: British PM Rishi Sunak unveils Conservative party’s poll manifesto. Everything you need to know

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UK Elections 2024: British Prime Minister, facing snap elections, unveiled Conservative Party’s poll manifesto on Tuesday, where the leader has promised tax-cuts and help for first time home-buyers. 

PM Sunak, who seemed to have lost the popular vote, deemed to be lagging in polls, will use this as one of the last throws of the dice to bring the Torys into popular favouritism. 

How Sunak fares ahead of snap elections he ordered?

Rishi Sunak has been juggling promises to win back the popular consensus for the Conservative party ahead of the snap UK Elections 2024.  Surveys have shown that Conservatives about 20 points behind the opposition Labour Party ahead of the July 4 Elections. 

PM Sunak seems to be trailing in the popular consensus. Despite promises of more police officers, lower taxes, and support for pensioners, PM Sunak has failed to dent the Labour Party’s popularity with the US voter base. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is additionally encountering opposition from the right-wing Reform UK party, led by Brexit advocate Nigel Farage, who has pledged to spearhead a “revolt” against the Conservatives.

Notably, Conservative Party has been in power in UK for 14 years now. 

What does Conservative Party, PM Sunak’s manifesto promise?

According to Reuters report, the Conservative Party promises an already discussed and announced tax cuts. The Party promises further reductions if re-elected for another term. 

“We will enable working people to keep more of the money you earn because you have earned it and have the right to choose what to spend it on,” Sunak will say at the manifesto launch at the Formula One racetrack Silverstone in central England, according to excerpts of his speech.

According to further reports, PM Rishi Sunak is expected to promise another 2 pence per pound cut to National Insurance, paid by workers.

Sunak will also reaffirm his commitment to eliminate “the double tax on work when financially responsible to do so” referring to the eventual elimination of the national insurance payroll tax.

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