Uday Saharan to Lead India in ACC Men’s U-19 Asia Cup.

Get ready for an exciting cricket showdown as Uday Saharan takes the helm to lead India in the upcoming ACC.

Get ready for an exciting cricket showdown as Uday Saharan takes the helm to lead India in the upcoming ACC Under-19 Asia Cup 2023. The tournament is scheduled to unfold in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) starting from December 8. Stay tuned for thrilling matches and witness the young talents in action as they vie for victory in this highly anticipated cricket event.

Uday Saharan to lead under 19 India men's Cricket Team.

Set to kick off in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on December 8, Uday Saharan is poised to lead India in the ACC Under-19 Asia Cup 2023. The 15-member squad, unveiled recently, features Saumy Kumar Pandey as the vice-captain. India’s inaugural match is scheduled against Afghanistan on the opening day. With Uday Saharan at the helm, the team aims to make a strong start in this highly anticipated tournament. The ACC Under-19 Asia Cup promises exciting cricket action, and fans eagerly await India’s performance under Saharan’s leadership. Stay tuned for the thrilling clashes ahead in this prestigious youth cricket championship.

In the highly anticipated ACC Men’s U-19 Asia Cup, India finds itself placed in a challenging group alongside arch-rivals Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal. Meanwhile, the second group consists of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Japan. Mark your calendars for December 10, as India faces a crucial encounter against Pakistan at the ICC Academy Oval-1. This matchup promises to be a highlight of the tournament, capturing the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The tournament structure ensures that every match is a significant step towards the coveted title, making each team’s performance pivotal in this exciting competition.

Scheduled for a gripping encounter, India is set to face Nepal in their crucial final group-stage clash on December 12. The semi-finals and ultimate showdown are slated for December 15 and 17, respectively, with the final showdown at the prestigious Dubai International Stadium. India’s 15-member squad, accompanied by three standby players, awaits the challenge. Comprising defending champions, India holds a remarkable record in the Under-19 Asia Cup, securing victory eight out of nine times since 1989. Notably, the selection committee has also identified four reserve players, although they won’t be part of the touring contingent.

Here are the names of 15 member Under 19 Squad:

India U-19 squad: Uday Saharan (captain), Saumy Kumar Pandey (vice-captain), Arshin Kulkarni, Adarsh Singh, Rudra Mayur Patel, Sachin Dhas, Priyanshu Moliya, Musheer Khan, Dhanush Gowda, Avinash Rao (wk), M Abhishek, Innesh Mahajan (wk), Aardhya Shukla, Raj Limbani, Naman Tiwari.

Standby players: Prem Devkar, Ansh Gosai, Mohammed Amaan.

Reserve players: Digvijay Patim Jayanth Goyat, P Vignesh, Kiran Chormale.

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