Trisha at Leo success meet:

At the Leo success meet, Trisha said that Lokesh Kanagaraj’s set felt like home to her. Apart from Vijay’s viral speech,.

At the Leo success meet, Trisha said that Lokesh Kanagaraj’s set felt like home to her.

Vijay and Trisha at Leo success meet.

Apart from Vijay’s viral speech, Leo success meet had another interesting moment when Trisha took the stage. The actor looked stunning as always in a red saree and spoke at length about joining hands with Vijay after a gap of 15 years. Trisha said it felt like home to be on the sets of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Leo.

“I am hugely honoured to be part of your (Lokesh Kanagaraj) magic called LCU. Vijay… It was like meeting a school friend again after a long time. There was the same comfort, love and friendship. In my 20-year career, the most long-term journey I had with a co-star was with Vijay. They say home is not a place, but it is a person. Leo’s set was like that… I used to tell Lokesh, ‘It doesn’t feel work we all working much.’ But we were. It felt like a vacation,” she said.

Trisha thanked all her co-stars in Leo. Addressing Gautham Menon, who played Joshi in Leo, the actor said, “We both go a long way. And I never thought I would be sharing screen space with you.” Gautham directed Trisha in the blockbuster film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, which became a modern-day romantic classic of Tamil cinema.

She added, “On behalf of team Leo, I would want to say this: Silence and success are the best revenge. Take a bow.”

Anchor Dhivyadharshini eferred to Trisha’s blockbuster film with Vijay, Ghilli, and asked if ‘Thalapathy’ finally got her Kaara pori (puffed rice). Trisha said, “No. Should I do another film with him for that?” She added, “Fans kept asking me when we will work again as we haven’t done one in the last 15 years. Today, the chemistry between us has worked because of the long gap. We both have evolved as mature people in the meantime.”

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