Top 4 stocks Diwali Winners: Outperform Index

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As homes light up for Diwali, the stocks market unveils its own brilliance.

From Diwali 2022 to 2023, while the Indian index provided a 6% return, these ten stocks outshone, yielding impressive gains.

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L&T stocks: +52.36%


Leading the pack, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) boasts an impressive 52.36% surge over the past year.

This remarkable growth is credited to a robust 19% year-on-year increase in second-quarter revenue, reaching ₹51,024 crore.

Analysts are optimistic about L&T’s outlook, attributing it to the enhanced execution of a substantial order book.

The positive reception from analysts can be linked to the company’s improved operational performance.

This surge in L&T’s stock is indicative of its resilience and strategic prowess in navigating the market, making it a standout performer in the fiscal landscape.

NTPC stocks: +38.90%


Demonstrating the energy sector’s resilience, NTPC has experienced a notable 38.90% uptick.

This substantial growth can be attributed to the government’s dedicated efforts to electrify every corner of the country, a strategy that particularly favors NTPC as a government PSU.

The company’s positive trajectory aligns with broader national initiatives, highlighting its pivotal role in the country’s energy landscape.

This reinforces its position as a beneficiary of governmental focus and support.

ONGC stocks: +38.72%


ONGC, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, has achieved a remarkable 38.72% surge through its outstanding endeavors in developing frontier areas into thriving hydrocarbon provinces.

From humble origins, ONGC has transformed into a global Exploration and Production (E&P) powerhouse, boasting one of the world’s largest reserves and production capacities.

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This growth underscores ONGC’s strategic acumen and pivotal role in the evolution of hydrocarbon landscapes, solidifying its position as a key player in the energy sector.

IndusInd Bank stock: +33.05%


Bolstered by a robust 33.05% growth, IndusInd Bank reflects analysts’ confidence in its promising future.

The bank’s positive outlook is driven by factors like a resurgence in loan demand, increasing digital adoption, and ongoing product innovations.

These elements collectively contribute to the bank’s impressive performance, showcasing its adaptability and strategic initiatives that resonate well with market dynamics.

IndusInd Bank’s growth trajectory aligns with market trends and positions it favorably in the financial landscape.







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