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Tiger 3 Review: Salman-Katrina Spy Thriller Highlights

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“As ‘Tiger 3’ hits the theaters, eager fans are gearing up to witness the dynamic duo of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif on the big screen. Before you catch the action-packed spy thriller, take a look at our curated list of three highlights and three aspects that might not meet expectations in the film.


This guide will help you navigate the buzz surrounding THE MOVIE and make an informed decision about your movie night plans.”

Explore the highly anticipated ‘Tiger 3’ as Salman Khan, alias Agent Avinash Rathore, faces a unique challenge – dispelling doubts about being a ‘gaddar’ or traitor. Curiosity surrounds how he navigated this situation, adding an element of mystery to the plot.

While the outcome seems predictable, the intriguing question lies in the ‘how.’ To unravel the answers, one must venture to the theaters.

‘Tiger 3’ encounters both highs and lows, standing as a pivotal installment in YRF’s spy universe. With a rich backstory and heightened expectations, the film must meet a certain standard. Discover three successful elements and three shortcomings in this cinematic journey.

“In the much-anticipated ‘Tiger 3’, the post-credit scene stands out as a must-watch moment, subtly setting the stage for future developments. Without revealing spoilers, it promises a significant shift in the narrative.

The film’s highlight, however, is Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan cameo, a treat for fans of both superstars. Yet, it falls short of the cinematic brilliance seen in ‘Pathaan’.

On a positive note, ‘Tiger 3’ boasts consistent CGI, seamlessly integrating visual effects for an immersive experience. Despite this, the screenplay’s choppiness hinders character development and pacing, leaving room for improvement in the otherwise entertaining spy thriller.”

“In ‘Tiger 3,’ the extended build-up in the first half leads to a slow pace, only slightly redeemed by a more engaging second half. Unfortunately, character development falls short, with roles other than Tiger feeling inconsequential, notably underutilizing talents like Emraan Hashmi and Revathy.

The film’s direction by Maneesh Sharma disappoints, lacking the swagger expected of a Tiger agent. Instances of sequences feeling disjointed suggest a need for tighter direction. While ‘Tiger 3’ is a must-watch for fans of the YRF Spy Universe and Salman Khan, its flaws may limit its appeal for repeat viewings.”


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