SpongeBob Stars in Shonen Jump Anime Cameo Surprise!

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SpongeBob Surprises in Latest Episode of Airing Shonen Jump Manga Adaptation.


In Episode 6 of Undead Unluck, a shonen anime, on Nov. 11, SpongeBob made a comical appearance when protagonist Fuuko misinterpreted “spoil” as “sponge.” The Nickelodeon character, humorously pixelated, likely to avoid copyright concerns, remained unmistakably SpongeBob even in yellow pixels.

Originally a 2020 Weekly Shōnen Jump manga by Yoshifumi Tozuka, Undead Unluck has gained popularity as a fall anime hit since its October debut. The anime adaptation, produced by David Production (known for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series), has contributed to its success.

Fuuko Izumo, 18, feels she brings “unluck” since her parents’ tragic death. Andy, seeking the “perfect” death, joins her fate. United, they join The Union, a mysterious safety-offering organization hunting Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA). The SpongeBob cameo adds humor when Fuuko confuses UMA “Spoil” with “sponge,” enhancing lighthearted moments. Living in isolation, Fuuko encounters Andy, seeking the “perfect” death. United by fate, they join The Union, a safety-offering organization hunting Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA). The SpongeBob cameo humorously occurs when Fuuko mistakes UMA “Spoil” for “sponge,” adding lightness to the story.

The narrative revolves around Fuuko Izumo, believing in her “unluck” touch, living in isolation due to her parents’ tragic fate. Andy, an immortal seeking the “perfect” death, fatefully crosses paths with Fuuko. They join The Union, a mysterious organization safeguarding individuals with unique abilities, on a mission to hunt Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA). These UMAs are manifestations of Earth’s rules created by God. The inclusion of SpongeBob’s cameo brings humor when Fuuko misinterprets the UMA “Spoil” as “sponge,” adding delightful touch to the series’ lighthearted moments.

The release date for the next SpongeBob episode is unknown. However, the upcoming episode of Undead Unluck is set to air on Nov. 17. You can currently stream the first six episodes on Hulu.

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