Real ghost stories: 5 encounters shared by social media users; kid in white clothes, figure without a face and more

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Social media users discussed their encounters with “real” ghosts. The Reddit thread had many such stories. Here are 5 of such tales in a concise form.

Two friends

When I was 4-6 years old, I had two friends, Kaju and Raj, and we played together daily. One had a bicycle that they both rode. One day, my parents took me to a priest who gave me a thread with a pill-like thing on it. After that, I never saw my friends again. My parents said only I could see them and didn’t know anyone by those names.

Old couple

An old couple lived next door and pampered a boy with food and guavas from their garden. One day, while sleeping on the terrace, he saw their guava tree shaking violently. He got up and saw the couple, naked, in the tree. The wife made eye contact and gestured for him to come over, saying, “Come, my dear, take the guavas.” Terrified, he ran inside. The next day, he learned that the couple had been out of town for a function and had died in a car accident the previous night.

Kid in white clothes

One night, I got home early at 2 AM instead of my usual 4 AM. I saw a kid in white clothes playing football on the open land beside my home. At first, I thought it was normal, but then I realized it was 2 AM, and the kid suddenly disappeared. It wasn’t my imagination, and I still think about it.

Figure without a face

When I was around 8-9, my father, who worked in a different city, brought home a new Motorola flip phone full of games. One night, while playing games in bed, I accidentally dropped the phone and saw a tall, bald figure standing at the foot of my bed. Terrified, I hid under the blanket for 5-7 minutes. When I peeked out, the figure was sitting at the foot of the bed, looking at me despite having no facial features, just a pitch-black face. I never saw it again.

Ghost at the hospital

During training, doctors often find distant duty doctor rooms (DDRs) to get some rest during night shifts. Once, I slept in the DDR of an ICU while the ICU duty doctor slept outside. After two hours, I saw a figure in the room, thought it was my imagination, and went back to sleep. Later, I felt someone pulling my arm, but no one was there. It felt like needles were poking my arm, and I knew something was wrong. I quickly gathered my belongings and left the room, unable to sleep for the rest of the night.

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