Pune ISIS Case: Accused Used Code Words for Making Explosives.

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The arrested accused in the Pune ISIS module case were taught and utilized code words and effectively accessible materials in the market to make IEDs, as per a NIA chargesheet.


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed a chargesheet in the Pune ISIS module case, exposing alarming details involving seven accused individuals. Despite their education and employment in reputed companies, the group utilized coded language for crafting improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The chargesheet discloses that code words such as ‘sirka’ for sulphuric acid, rosewater for acetone, and sherbet for hydrogen peroxide were employed to discreetly procure chemicals. The accused employed easily accessible materials like a washing machine timer, thermometer, speaker wire, 12-volt bulb, 9-volt battery, filter paper, matches, and baking soda in the IED manufacturing process.

The NIA chargesheet said the terrorists did a recce in Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Karnataka to carry out assaults. They likewise utilized a drone, which is presently seized by the office, for photography and videography.

The vast majority of the arrested accused in the case were taught and actually extremely sound.

In a recent development, the Pune ISIS case accused employed coded language to craft explosives, as outlined in the chargesheet. Among those apprehended, Zulfikar, a senior project manager with a Rs 31 lakh annual package, and Shahnawaz, a mining engineer well-versed in explosives, are notable. Kadir Pathan, a graphics designer, was also implicated.

These tech-savvy individuals operated a training center in Pune’s forested areas, conducting IED trials. The NIA’s chargesheet further exposed the radicalization efforts conducted in rented accommodations in Mumbai and Pune. Documentation on a suspect’s hard disk included instructions on causing harm to ‘infidels’. The probe revealed connections to a terrorist attack in Afghanistan in 2020, orchestrated by Kerala-based ISIS terrorists. The NIA emphasized the accused’s constant communication with an overseas handler through social media, receiving funding from abroad.


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