Powerful AI Cameras Enforce Traffic Rules on Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway, Catch 12,000 Violations in Two Weeks.

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Advanced Technology Boosts Road Safety with Swift Penalties

After deploying AI-powered cameras on the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway for just two weeks, officials have already filed almost 12,000 complaints for a range of moving infractions. This noteworthy enforcement operation highlights the potent influence of cutting-edge technology in advancing traffic safety. The broad spectrum of offenses is captured by the AI-driven system, guaranteeing that violators are quickly found and punished.

Challans will be issued straight to the owners of the vehicles’ cell phones, expediting the penalty procedure and improving compliance. This quick and effective technique is intended to act as a potent deterrence to moving offenses. The first of its sort in South India, the police have issued a strong warning to all travelers, stressing the need of following traffic laws on this vital route.

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The installation of these sophisticated cameras is a significant step toward enhancing road safety and discipline. The simplicity of digital challans combined with stringent enforcement, according to the authorities, should inspire drivers to drive more defensively. Given the continued importance of the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway as a commuter route, it is anticipated that the use of such potent technology will greatly lower infractions and improve overall road safety.

Karnataka Police Warns of Traffic Violations on Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway

In a recent post on X, the Karnataka police emphasized the efficiency of their AI-powered cameras on the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway. “Our police cameras are in operation on the Bangalore-Mysore highway,” they stated. They have found 12,192 traffic infractions in just 15 days. Your family will suffer the repercussions if there is an accident brought on by breaking driving laws. Please give it some thought.

Alok Kumar, the Additional Director General of Police (Traffic and Road Safety) for Karnataka, also posted a snapshot taken by these cameras in addition to the statement. A KSRTC driver was seen in the picture using a phone while operating a vehicle. Declaring, “No violation escapes the vigilant eyes of our powerful cameras on the Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway, whether it’s day or night,” Kumar stressed the cameras’ extensive monitoring capability. Please don’t use your phone while operating a vehicle at @KSRTC_Journeys. The irresponsible driver should face immediate consequences for breaking traffic laws.

Having been in service for a little more than two weeks, these AI-powered cameras are meant to improve road safety by making sure that traffic laws are strictly followed. The police anticipate that this program will greatly lower accident rates and encourage safe driving practices on this important expressway.

AI Cameras Enhance Safety on Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway

On the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway, 60 cutting-edge cameras were placed earlier this month to monitor and reduce over-speeding, a major contributor to accidents. These cameras are intended to improve the enforcement of traffic laws by identifying vehicles that violate the posted speed limits and automatically issuing traffic challans to violators.

Six strategically located cameras, one for each heading of the expressway, comprise the 48 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras out of the 60 total. These ANPR cameras are effective at identifying speed infractions and capturing vehicle number plates. In order to improve surveillance and guarantee thorough monitoring, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has also placed video cameras at three other crucial places.

The decision to deploy these cameras was made in response to an evaluation carried out in July of the previous year by an expert group from the NHAI. After several mishaps since the highway’s opening, this committee was entrusted with examining and assessing its safety measures. The implementation of these AI-powered cameras resulted from their recommendations, which emphasized the need for improved safety measures.

By ensuring greater adherence to speed limits, the installation of these cutting-edge monitoring technology seeks to drastically reduce accidents and eventually improve traffic safety on this crucial freeway.

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