“Outcry as UK Envoy Sparks Fury with Forbidden Visit to PoK: India Protests Vigorously!”

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“The external affairs ministry strongly denounces the ‘highly objectionable’ visit by Marriott and a UK Foreign Office official to PoK, eliciting deep concern on the Indian side.”

India strongly protested the UK’s envoy to Islamabad for visiting Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), deeming it an “unacceptable” violation of territorial integrity. Lodging a robust complaint with the UK on Saturday, New Delhi expressed deep concern over the infringement. The visit was characterized as unacceptable, emphasizing India’s stance on territorial boundaries. The diplomatic protest underscores India’s commitment to defending its sovereignty, marking a significant objection to the British envoy’s actions in PoK.

"Outcry as UK Envoy Sparks Fury with Forbidden Visit to PoK: India Protests Vigorously!" 1 "Outcry as UK Envoy Sparks Fury with Forbidden Visit to PoK: India Protests Vigorously!"
On January 10, Jane Marriott, the British envoy in Pakistan, journeyed to Mirpur in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

On January 10, Jane Marriott, the British representative in Pakistan, visited Mirpur in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), engaging in multiple meetings with business individuals, local community members, and government officials.

In response to Jane Marriott and a UK Foreign Office official’s visit to PoK, India’s external affairs ministry expressed strong disapproval, declaring it an unacceptable infringement of sovereignty. Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra lodged a robust protest with British high commissioner Alex Ellis. Emphasizing the integral status of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the ministry reiterated the regions’ affiliation with India. Marriott, the first female British envoy to Pakistan, shared her visit on social media, highlighting the significance of UK-Pakistan ties and expressing gratitude for the hospitality in Mirpur.

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The UK high commission in Islamabad shared a concise video on X, showcasing Marriott’s visit to a Mirpur business and her interaction with a street children’s football team. The video highlighted her engagements with Mirpur’s district management and the local chamber of commerce. Mirpur, with a significant population holding dual British and Pakistani citizenship, relies on remittances from British Pakistanis, bolstering its economy. India historically opposes visits to PoK by foreign diplomats, expressing concerns about sovereignty, as seen in the case of the US ambassador’s visit to Gilgit-Baltistan last year.

India lodged protests with the US in October 2022 when Ambassador Blome visited PoK, repeatedly terming it “Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).” The Indian government had also condemned a PoK visit in April 2022 by US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as “condemnable.” India accused Omar of violating its sovereignty by traveling to a region illegally occupied by Pakistan.

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