Only 14% Indian workers ’thriving’; rest ’suffering’ or ’struggling’: Gallup Workplace Report

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Fewer Indians feel they are ‘thriving’ in their life as compared to their global counterparts, findings of a report released on Wednesday showed. It said that only 14 per cent of Indians feel that way as compared to 34% globally.

The findings were a part of the 2024 Gallup State of the Global Workplace report. It calculated the “Life Evaluation Index” and divided employees into three categories: thriving, struggling and suffering.

It showed that 86 per cent of Indians felt they were either struggling or suffering.

Among all regions, South Asia had the lowest percentage of people thinking that they were “thriving” at 15 per cent. It was followed by Sub-Saharan Africa at 17 per cent and Middle East and North Africa at 25 per cent.

Employees from Australia and New Zealand were the most optimistic with 60 per cent feeling that they were “thriving”. It was followed by 54 per cent in Latin America and the Caribbean and 53 per cent in the United States and Canada.

In fact, the report highlighted that globally, employee wellbeing declined in 2023 from 35 per cent to 34 per cent. It was felt more by younger workers under 35.

The report also said that 20 per cent of the world’s employees experience daily loneliness. It is higher in those working fully remote.

“This percentage is higher for employees under 35 and lower for those over age 35,” the report said.

“Fully remote employees report significantly higher levels of loneliness (25 per cent) than those who work fully on-site (16 per cent)”.

Although the report acknowledged that not all negative feelings are related to the work, it said this was an important factor in life and daily emotions.

“Employees who dislike their jobs tend to have high levels of daily stress and worry, as well as elevated levels of all other negative emotions,” it said.

“Employers should provide appropriate benefits and flexibility to support employee wellbeing without neglecting their greatest lever on employee life evaluation: building productive, high-performing teams.”


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