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A picture shared by an Obgyn from an operating theatre has gone viral on X. The image shows a medical professional smiling after helping deliver a baby. From expressing happiness over the photo to questioning the ethical standpoint of taking pictures inside operating theatres, people have reacted to the share in various ways.

An Obgyn shared this image from the operating theatre after delivering a baby. (X/@DrZikraaa)
An Obgyn shared this image from the operating theatre after delivering a baby. (X/@DrZikraaa)

“Baby cried. I laughed. PS: Post-Delivery Scenes,” X user Dr Zikraaa wrote while sharing the photo. The post is complete with the hashtag #Obgyn. In the picture, the medical professional is seen with a huge smile on her face. What makes this image even more impactful is the doctor wearing a pair of bloodied gloves.

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Take a look at the viral picture from the OT here:

Since being shared, the viral post has collected more than 80,000 views and counting. The share has also accumulated nearly 1,600 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the share. While some praised the doctor and called it a beautiful moment, others were not so convinced. They raised the question of whether sharing pictures of operating theatres is ethically correct.

What did X users say about this post?

While one person wrote, “This is such a beautiful moment,” another added, “Good but focus on the job not on social media posts. Especially in critical care units. You just can’t take a chance for a moment too”.

Several chose the salute emoticon to show their reactions to the picture. In contrast, a few commented, “Who thinks social media posts from OT should be banned?”

However, a few joked and said that the photo reminds them of a scene that one usually sees in a horror movie or a film about a serial killer.

X user Dr Zikraaa is an avid social media user. The doctor often shares posts related to their profession or football. Since joining X in 2018, the doctor has gained over 1,200 followers.

What are your thoughts on this picture shared by the doctor from an operating theatre?


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