NEET-UG, UGC-NET row: High-level committee being formed, guilty won’t be spared, says minister Dharmendra Pradhan

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As the political slugfest continues over NEET-UG results and UGC-NET examination cancelation, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday said that the future of students is government’s priority and errors in NEET examination were limited to specific region.

The Education Minister urged to have faith in systems and stated that no irregularities or malpractices will be tolerated by government.

“We are Committed to hold zero-error exam. A high-level committee being formed to improve NTA functioning,” added Pradhan.

What Pradhan said

  • I want to assure everyone that the government is committed to protecting the interests of students. We will not compromise on transparency.
  • Student’s welfare is our priority.
  • In the context of the NEET exam, we are in touch with Bihar government. Police are investigating and a detailed report will be submitted by them.
  • Some errors are limited to specific regions.
  • Those guilty, including someone from the NTA, irrespective of how big he is, will not be spared.
  • Government to form high level committee for recommendation on NTA’s structure, functioning, examination process, transparency and data security protocol.
  • We are committed for zero-error.
  • UGC-NET exam paper leaked on Darknet, led to cancellation of exam
  • One isolated incident (Bihar paper leak) should not affect lakhs of students who took the exam sincerely.
  • Don’t try to spread rumours and don’t politicise the issue.

Pradhan’s remark comes hours after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the government and the Prime Minister over the issue.

What Rahul Gandhi said attacking PM

– Narendra Modi has not been able to stop or doesn’t want to stop paper leaks in India

– Narendra Modi’s main agenda right now is the (election of) Speaker.

– The reason behind paper leaks is that the education system has been captured by the BJP’s parent organisation.

– What was done by Narendra Modi to the economy through demonetization, has now been done to the education system.

–It is very important that the people who are guilty here are brought to book, and they are punished.

How BJP responded?

BJP’s national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said that the government is fully alert and sensitive over NEET exam.

– Rahul Gandhi has nothing to do with the future of lakhs of students, he just wants to play his politics on this topic.

– If there is an epicentre for paper leak in the country, it was Congress’ and Ashok Gehlot’s govt in Rajasthan


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