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The founder of a Mumbai-based beauty brand recently introduced a strict rule to ramp up productivity among employees – Kaushal Shah has made it compulsory for his staff to reach office by 9.30 am. Failure to do so will result in a 200 fine for the latecomer. Unfortunately for Shah, the new rule has backfired on him – in less than a fortnight, he has had to shell out 1,000 for frequently being late to office.

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Evor Beauty founder Kaushal Shah pays 200 as fine for being late to office.(X/@_kaushalshah)

Shah, founder of Evor Beauty, posted about the failure of his plan on the social media platform X. He said that last week, he introduced a “strict rule” wherein every employee would be required to reach office by 9.30 am, as opposed to the 10 or 11 am they usually showed up at. To ensure strict adherence to the rule, Shah said latecomers would be required to pay a penalty of 200.

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“Last week, to increase the productivity in office, I made a strict rule for everyone to be in the office by 9:30 am (earlier we used to come by 10-11) and if we‘re late, we pay Rs.200 as penalty,” the founder of Evor wrote on X. “This is me paying it for the 5th time,” he added ruefully, sharing a screenshot of his 200 transaction as proof.

Take a look at his post below:

The post has amused hundreds of people on X, where many praised Shah for not putting himself above the rules.

Some, however, wondered whom the money was going to. “Paid to self,” quipped one commenter.

“Paying to whom? Your current account,” another said. A third person pointed out that it appeared as if Shah was paying money to his own UPI account.

On the other hand, many called the rule regressive. “I would happily resign from such a workplace,” claimed one X user. “Instead of this, introduce an incentive where you double the Travel Allowance for that particular day, for the first 10 employees who reach office. Make the system reward-based instead of punishment-based,” another suggested.

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