Mouni Roy turns in Temptation Island India

Mouni Roy talks about being part of Temptation Island India, her ‘glam’ avatar, success after Brahmastra and whether she got.

Mouni Roy talks about being part of Temptation Island India, her ‘glam’ avatar, success after Brahmastra and whether she got her due as an actor.


Mouni Roy is all set to become the Queen of Hearts for Temptation Island India. The actor would be seen as a mentor for the contestants helping them in the journey of love and commitment. Sharing that she has watched the original show, Mouni said it was coming to India for the first time, and the ‘novelty’ factor got her excited. “I have also never done anything like this before.

I feel I have a good grasp of human emotions. I can also be unfair and unbiased toward certain situations and people. I can give honest opinions and then it’s up to them if they want to take it up. So I was like let’s do it. Apart from being exciting and dramatic, it will also be raw and real, which is why I said yes,” she told

The show will see four couples, who would be tempted to severe their ties and explore new romances as they wilfully separate and immerse themselves in an environment filled with allure. For the ‘Queen of Hearts’, Mouni said she wouldn’t be siding or rooting for anyone, as she is there for everyone and will not be able to ‘take sides’.

When asked what ‘temptation’ means to her, Mouni laughed, “All that comes to my mind is food. When you choose to eat healthy, it’s a struggle and a few days in a week, you want to have your vada pavs and Chinese good. That indulgent to me is what is temptation. However, I also think the temptation is there in every sphere of life. Whenever there’s discipline, you are tempted to do something else. It’s part of our life.”

While discussing reality shows, we wondered why she never participated in one as an actor. “Because no one called me,” she exclaimed. The actor said that while she has judged two dance shows, she was never offered one as a contestant. “Also, I think these shows are a long-time commitment. Luckily for me, I have been jumping from one project to another. So I never had the time and scope but honestly, I have never been asked also.”

Mouni Roy turns in Temptation Island India 1 Mouni Roy turns in Temptation Island India

The actor made her acting debut with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and went on to do films. She has been part of films like Gold, Romeo Akbar Walter and London Confidential but it was her performance in Brahmastra that gave her a breakthrough.

Admitting that while she was doing TV, Bollywood was a ‘temptation’ for her, Mouni said, “As an actor, who doesn’t want to be seen on the big screen or show their versatility? Also, all of us in this industry, be it actors or technicians, we do this for the love of it. We are a small section of people who want to happily go to work, and we want to keep excelling in it.”

Apart from Brahmastra, Mouni Roy’s latest project Sultan of Delhi has been getting rave reviews. When asked if the appreciation brings validation to her, she replied, “Not that, but when your work is appreciated, you do feel happy. See, we work hard tirelessly trying to bring a character to life. So when your effort is appreciated, you do feel good. I am just overwhelmed and thankful for all the love.”

We also quizzed Mouni if she has ever felt that filmmakers hesitate to give her ‘serious or funny’ characters, given she has a very glamorous image. Dismissing the same, she said, “I don’t think so but if it is, that’s unfortunate. After years of hard work, I know I can act and I am up for any challenge.

I can dive head on into whatever is thrown my way. Also, I really feel that you would be cast if you fit the story or the script. I have learnt in my career that there is no shortcut to success. You just need to keep the focus on what you can do rather than being stressed about things that are not in your hands.”

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