Lambretta marks section into EV space with electric bike

There’s no affirmation about Lambretta making a re-visitation of the Indian market from now on. During the 1960s and 1970s,.

There’s no affirmation about Lambretta making a re-visitation of the Indian market from now on.


During the 1960s and 1970s, Company was an exceptionally well known bike brand in India. Be that as it may, with the origin of current and local bikes and other different elements prompted the Italian brand closing shop in India. In any case, Lambretta stayed areas of strength for an in the bike space in European business sectors.

With the tide moving towards electric portability, Lambretta has additionally hopped into the boat and presented its most memorable battery fueled model. At the continuous EICMA 2023, Lambretta has earned consideration by showing its most memorable model electric bike. Named Elettra, the model is a cutting edge translation of the exemplary Lambretta bike.

Lambretta Eletrra Styling
Still at an idea at this stage, the organization has vowed to take this to the creation stage. Lambretta has figured out how to hold its particular plan components sharp and definitive lines at the front acquired from days gone by models including Lambretta 1 and its replacement the Li-150 series 2. Simultaneously, It has integrated current contacts like the hexagonal Drove headlamp that makes it obviously a 21st century bike.

Other visual features incorporate a handlebar concealing the wooden ‘retractable’ brake switches similar to the ‘snared’ headlamp, and a computerized instrumentation. The whole back body can be consequently lifted for support purposes at the bit of a remote button, giving admittance to the compartment that houses the battery. The actual body incorporates a protective cap compartment.

Lambretta Elettra Specs
Controlling the bike is a 11kW (15 hp) electric engine that sources its energy from a 4.6 kWh battery pack. There are three ride modes on offer to be specific Eco, Ride and Game. Company claims the Elettra can offer a pinnacle scope of 127 km on a solitary charge in Eco mode. Concerning execution, Elettra can clock a maximum velocity of 110 kmph.

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The battery can be charged in no less than 5 hours 30 minutes with a 220V home charger. On involving a quick charger in a public spot, up to 80% charge can be accomplished in only 35 minutes. Based on a steel lattice outline, the Elettra sits on a mark following connection front suspension and a mono-shock at the back. Slowing down obligations are dealt with by a solitary circle arrangement at the two closures. Seat level is open at an agreeable 780mm.


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