Is Meghan Markle actually trying to ‘steal’ Kate Middleton’s spotlight at Trooping the Colour? Experts say she isn’t | World News

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Meghan Markle faced accusations of attempting to “steal” Kate Middleton’s spotlight at the Trooping the Colour event by launching new products over the weekend through her lifestyle brand.

Experts defend Meghan Markle against accusations of overshadowing Kate Middleton's appearance during Trooping the Colour.(File)
Experts defend Meghan Markle against accusations of overshadowing Kate Middleton’s appearance during Trooping the Colour.(File)

However, RadarOnline reported that these claims are unfounded and the situations of the two duchesses are being unfairly conflated.

Speculation intensified after Nacho Figueras, a friend of Markle, shared a preview of American Riviera Orchard’s new jam and dog biscuits on Instagram on Friday. As reported earlier, these dog treats and other pet supplies were included in the brand’s trademark applications.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti praised Kate Middleton’s resilience during her battle with cancer in an interview released Monday. He highlighted that her recent public appearance at King Charles III’ birthday parade exemplified the true spirit of the royal family. This marked Kate’s first public appearance in six months, coinciding with her “ongoing” treatment.

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Experts debunk rumours that Meghan’s new product launch aimed to upstage Kate

Sacerdoti suggested that the public is “fed up with” the Duchess and Prince Harry “might try and do something to steal the thunder of the royal family.” He told TMZ it would be “pathetic” if Meghan had deliberately timed her product launch to coincide with Kate’s appearance, suggesting that the focus should return to the “real royals” — namely, Kate and King Charles.

A public relations expert familiar with the situation told RadarOnline that Meghan has no control over what or when Figueras posts. They explained that this was a deliberate attempt to “upstage” Kate’s return.

The expert noted that Sussexes had previously issued a statement wishing Kate “health and healing” when she first announced her diagnosis. They also expressed hope that the family could handle the news “privately and in peace,” and “this has not changed.”

Another PR expert Lynn Carratt told Mirror UK, “I don’t think Meghan sending a pot of her American Rivieria Orchard jam and some dog biscuits to the couple’s close friend Nacho Figueras a day before the Trooping of the Colour and Kate’s first public appearance since undergoing cancer treatment was done with any malice.”

Kate had stepped back from her official duties in January after undergoing abdominal surgery. She later announced her health battle and revealed that she would be extending her hiatus to undergo chemotherapy treatments.

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However, on Friday, the Princess of Wales thanked people for “all the kind messages of support and encouragement” she’s received since her cancer diagnosis.

“I am making good progress, but as anyone going through chemotherapy will know, there are good days and bad days. On those bad days you feel weak, tired and you have to give in to your body resting. But on the good days, when you feel stronger, you want to make the most of feeling well.”

A source told People in March that it is a passion project meant to reflect everything she loves, including family, cooking, entertaining, and home décor. Despite some criticism of the brand’s name, an insider shared that “Meghan finds the name American Riviera Orchard perfect.”

They added, “It feels authentic to her. She can’t wait for the website to launch.”


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