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Aiden Kim, a South Korean influencer, is spreading small drops of love to some of the most vulnerable souls on the streets of the country. Recently, Kim came across an elderly woman selling ginger and garlic in heavy rains, and what he did next won the hearts of many people on social media.
The influencer helped the woman selling produce in heavy rain.

The video opens to show an old woman peeling and selling garlic and ginger in the rain. Kim then approaches her and asks if she is working on such a rainy day, to which the woman responds with a nod. He then questions her about the price of the produce.

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Later, in a surprising turn of events, Kim says that he will buy all the garlic that she is selling. In confusion, the old woman points towards a basket and questions him, “Just this one?” Aiden then replies, “No, all of them.” (Also Read: Woman’s wholesome surprise for auto-rickshaw driver will put a smile on your face. Watch viral video)

As the video goes on, the woman says, “That will cost you a lot.” However, Aiden reassures her, leaving the lady in tears and gratitude.

As per Kim’s Instagram handle, he is often seen helping the elderly by buying an entire day’s worth of inventories from them.

Watch the video here:

How did netizens respond to his video?

“This is beyond sweet”, wrote an Instagram user.

Another suggested, “More of this kindness, please.”

A third added, “Faith in humanity restored”.

A fourth expressed, “We must respect our seniors.” (Also Read: 9-year-old boy mistook a millionaire for homeless man, what followed was a wholesome friendship)

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), “Poverty among the ‘younger old’ (aged 66-75) is less frequent than among the ‘older old’ (aged 75 and over); the OECD average poverty rates are 12.2% and 16.6%, respectively.” The pension system in Korea is still under the works and improving.

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