In-N-Out G prices hike as California enforces new minimum wage for fast-food workers

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The new state policy of California is not sitting well with the USP of In-N-Out of providing low-cost fast food meals to its customers. California announced a new state policy which stated mandated a minimum wage of $20 per hour for fast-food workers. 

An In-N-Out fast food chain restaurant increased prices due to California's $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers. REUTERS/Carlos Barria(REUTERS)
An In-N-Out fast food chain restaurant increased prices due to California’s $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers. REUTERS/Carlos Barria(REUTERS)

This has resulted in a hike in prices of fast food menus across the state. 

In-N-Out is notoriously known for its cheap burgers and quick-fixed meals, across the states, but with the new policy, the prices of even their simple meals have increased.

The new increased prices at In-N-Out

The fast food chain is the latest in the industry to increase its price in response to California’s minimum wage policy. The new prices at the fast food chain vary from location to location in the state. 

As reported by KTLA, the prices, in Los Angeles County, of a double-double burger combo costs $11.44 which is an extra $0.76 from its earlier price. In the touristy location of San Francisco, a double-double burger along with fries and a drink costs $13.63 including taxes.

A meal as simple as a double patty burger will empty $7.50 of the customer’s pocket and a hamburger meal costs $11.03 while the cheeseburger costs $11.57.

However, the prices just outside San Francisco are much more reasonable in locations such as Dali City, where a double-double with fries and a drink costs $11.5– a $2 drop from what it costs in Fisherman Wharf in San Francisco. Similarly, a cheeseburger meal and a hamburger meal cost $9.54 and $8.99, respectively in the San Francisco Bay area.

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In-N-Out on the inflated prices on their menu

The chain president, Lynsi Snyder, said they will not increase the prices for their customers by that much out of an obligation to the California state government, in an interview Today. According to ABC10, “On April 1st, we raised our prices incrementally to accompany a pay raise for all of the Associates working in our California restaurants. The price increase was also necessary to maintain our quality standards,” stated the company.

The fast food chain already offers a higher wage of $22 to $23 per hour to its workers as compared to its competitors in the market.


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