Heatwave alert! From Prayagraj to Gurugram. Top 10 hottest cities in India right now

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India Heatwave Update: As the intense heatwave continues to scorch northwest India, large swathes of the country battle with record-high temperatures. From Ladakh to Jharkhand, the weather department has reported maximum temperatures exceeding the “normal” 5.1 degree Celsius (C) range, PTI reported.

States and Union Territories (UTs) of Bihar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh remain in the grip of “intense heat waves”, it added.

6. Amritsar and Pathankot in Punjab both recorded a high of 45.8 degrees C

7. Hisar in Haryana registered 45.7 degrees C

8. Patiala in Punjab at 45.4 degrees C

9. Mahendragarh in Haryana recorded a high of 45.2 degrees C

10. Gurugram in Haryana saw maximum temperatures of 45.1 degrees C

What Classifies a Heatwave?

A heat wave is classified when the maximum temperature reaches at least 40 degrees Celsius in the plains, 37 degrees in coastal areas, and 30 degrees in hilly regions, with a deviation from normal of at least 4.5 degrees. A severe heat wave is declared if this deviation exceeds 6.4 degrees.

The weather office has predicted that maximum temperatures over northwest India will remain the same for the next 24 hours. Following this period, temperatures are expected to decrease by 2 degrees Celsius.

Other Cites Suffering Under Heatwave

Other cities that are well above their usual maximum temperature thresholds are as follows:


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