“Fog Fury Unleashed: Airlines Axe Delayed Flights Under New Rules – 50% Flights Cut!”

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“The DGCA has introduced updated SOPs outlining passenger facilities for denied boarding, flight cancellations, and delays. These guidelines detail the services airlines must provide in such situations. Passengers can expect streamlined assistance and clear procedures in case of disruptions. The new SOPs enhance the overall passenger experience, addressing concerns related to denied boarding, flight cancellations, and delays with improved clarity and efficiency. Stay informed about these updates for a smoother travel experience.”

“Fog Fury Unleashed: Airlines Axe Delayed Flights Under New Rules – 50% Flights Cut!”

“Today, the DGCA, India’s aviation regulator, issued crucial guidelines addressing chaotic situations, notably the recent fog-related disruptions at Delhi airport. In its SOP, emphasizing passenger welfare amidst denied boarding, cancellations, and delays, DGCA empowers airlines to cancel potentially delayed flights, especially those at risk of exceeding a three-hour delay. Immediate compliance with these SOPs is mandated for all airlines. Enhance your travel awareness as airlines adapt to these new directives for smoother operations in challenging conditions.”

“Under extraordinary circumstances beyond airline control, these rules don’t apply, as clarified by DGCA. Key SOPs include airlines providing real-time delay information through their website, SMS/WhatsApp, and email to affected passengers. The information should also be displayed at airports, with staff sensitized for effective communication. Stay informed about these guidelines, ensuring transparency and communication in situations of flight delays, while understanding exemptions for factors beyond airlines’ control.”

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“Yesterday, Delhi airport faced coordination challenges as frustrated passengers sought answers for flight delays. In a distressing incident, an IndiGo passenger assaulted a pilot on the tarmac. Air India, acknowledging disruptions due to dense fog, expressed regret for diversions and crew challenges. Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia assured preventive measures for future incidents. Stay updated on these developments as authorities address challenges and work towards smoother airport operations amid adverse weather conditions.”
“Delhi experienced unprecedented fog yesterday, with fluctuating visibility and periods of zero visibility from 5 am to 9 am,” Mr. Scindia shared on X. Authorities had to temporarily halt operations, even on CAT III runways unfit for zero-visibility scenarios. This decision prioritized passenger safety, highlighting the aviation ecosystem’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of travelers. Stay informed about such weather-related decisions affecting airport operations and safety protocols.”

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