Ferrari 499P Limited edition at Mugello

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The Ferrari 499P Modificata depends on the 499P and doesn’t need to conform to FIA WEC wearing and specialized boundaries.


Ferrari has revealed the restricted version 499P Modificata at Mugello, a vehicle for non-serious track use, to praise the organization’s noteworthy re-visitation of the top class of perseverance hustling in the 2023 season. The 499P Modificata is a considerably changed variant of the 499P that won in the Century release of the 24 Hours of Le Monitors in June this year and targets setting another benchmark for track driving rushes.

The significant specialized changes between the 499P Modificata and the 499P incorporate the electric pivot and four-wheel drive that can be initiated even at low paces; the “Push to Pass” capability, which offers drivers the choice of an additional 120 kW of force; explicit tires created by Pirelli, and a total recalibration of the suspension set-up, electronic regulators and motor mappings.

The 499P Modificata holds the cockpit, with its single-seater design, and ergonomics of the 499P, furnishing clients with similar driving experience as the teams who drove the hustling vehicles #50 and #51 that took the success, Hyperpole and quickest lap in the race at the 24 Hours of Le Monitors.


Its undeniable induction from the 499P makes the 499P Modificata the best presentation shut wheel vehicle that Ferrari has at any point proposed for non-serious use on the track. The vehicles will be handled in the new Game Prototipi Clienti program that, from 2024, will run close by the current F1 Clienti program. This empowers 499P Modificata proprietors to partake in a few occasions on worldwide tracks consistently, with Ferrari dealing with coordinated factors, track-side help and upkeep.

The restricted release vehicle sports an all-carbon-fiber monocoque body, the 499P Modificata highlights push-pole suspension, and a refined stopping mechanism integrating brake-by-wire that permits the electric front hub to recuperate energy during slowing down.

The mechanical set-up (midway mounted safeguards and springs, hostile to move bars) has been exceptionally intended to augment driving rushes and guarantee that the vehicle acts typically in all circumstances. The motor and driveability maps were calibrated by a similar way of thinking; explicit foothold control rationale was created to work with force the executives at as far as possible, and a devoted beginning help rationale was likewise presented.

Concerning the 499P, the 499P Modificata utilizes explicit Pirelli tires that were produced for unsurprising taking care of and to expand criticism in non-serious driving, making them speedy to heat up and advancing steady grasp levels for different laps over sheer max execution.

The 499P Modificata’s half breed powertrain joins a mid-back mounted interior burning V6 with an electric engine on the front pivot. The framework can convey a 858bhp, unrestricted for all intents and purposes by FIA-ACO guidelines. The ICE shares the design of the power unit fitted to the 296 GT3 yet has been totally overhauled by Ferrari specialists to foster committed arrangements and lower the all out weight.

An especially particular trait of the 499P Modificata’s V6 motor is the way that it is load-bearing, so it carries out an important underlying role, contrasted with the GT racers where the motor is mounted on a sub-case.

The powertrain is outfitted with a 268 bhp electric engine with a differential and an Energy Recuperation Framework (trama centers) which re-energizes the battery during deceleration and slowing down. The 800-volt battery pack was created utilizing the organization’s Recipe 1 experience. The power unit is coupled to a seven-speed successive gearbox.

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