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You may have seen social media posts that highlight the habits of toxic parents and how their constant criticism, emotional outbursts or guilt rips have a damaging impact on their child’s mental health, as well as self-esteem. One such video is going viral and it shows a father slapping his son after he surprised him with a clean shave. The video has raised many questions, including about toxic parents.

The image is taken from a viral video that shows a dad slapping his son for shaving. (Screengrab)
The image is taken from a viral video that shows a dad slapping his son for shaving. (Screengrab)

An X user initially posted the video, which was later re-shared by a popular X handle, Ghar Ka Kalesh. “Son and Father over Son tried to Surprise him with his Clean Shave,” they wrote as they posted the video.

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In the video, the son keeps looking at the camera and calls his dad. Once he reveals his clean-shaven look, his dad slaps him and also puts his hands around his neck.

What did X users say about this video?

The video raised questions on whether it is okay to hit one’s child. While most condemned the father’s actions, a few argued that the video was staged.

An individual posted, “Hitting your child, of any age, is never acceptable, and shouldn’t be normalised, even if this may be a joke or staged reel.” Another joined, “I think a reel is being made.”

A social media user shared, “This isn’t funny. It’s the pathetic reality of Indian parenting.” A fourth wrote, “That’s your sign to abandon your parents and leave the house. They literally don’t care about you.”

One person also came up with an explanation and shared, “Okay, so for those who don’t know, in some families, boys can only clean shave when their father dies or after their father dies.”

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