Excessive phone time harms mental wellness.

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A recent study found that teens using smartphones for over four hours each day might face increased risks related to mental health and substance use. The study suggests a link between excessive phone use and potential harm to mental well-being. Adolescents spending prolonged hours on smartphones face heightened risks, as per the research. This study underscores the possible negative impacts on mental health from excessive phone usage among young people.


Recent studies highlight a surge in smartphone use among teens, potentially linked to various health risks. Adolescents’ increased screen time may contribute to psychiatric, sleep, eye, and musculoskeletal issues. Previous research suggests a correlation between heightened smartphone use and these adverse health outcomes. The rise in adolescents’ phone usage seems to coincide with an increased likelihood of encountering health problems such as psychiatric disorders, sleep disturbances, eye strain, and musculoskeletal disorders.

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Hanyang University Medical Center’s team scrutinized data from 50,000+ adolescents to delve into smartphone use’s impact on health. They analyzed each participant’s daily phone hours and diverse health indicators. This comprehensive study aimed to understand how adolescents’ smartphone habits relate to their well-being. Examining the daily hours spent on smartphones alongside multiple health metrics, the research team from Hanyang University Medical Center sought to uncover the connection between phone usage and overall health among adolescents.

Utilizing propensity score matching, the statistical analysis factored in variables like age, gender, and socioeconomic status, considering their potential impact on health outcomes. Adolescents spending over four hours on smartphones displayed elevated stress, increased suicidal thoughts, and higher substance use rates compared to those using the device for fewer than four hours daily. This observation highlights a notable correlation between extended smartphone use among teens and heightened levels of stress, suicidal ideation, and substance consumption.

Published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, the study found that adolescents using smartphones for one to two hours daily encountered fewer issues than non-users. However, it doesn’t establish a definite cause-and-effect link between smartphone use and health problems, note the authors. These insights could guide guidelines for adolescent smartphone use, especially amid increasing daily usage. Jin-Hwa Moon and Jong Ho Cha from Hanyang highlighted the impact of prolonged smart device use on adolescent health.

Highlighting that adverse effects surface post four hours of daily smartphone use, they emphasize the need for guidelines and education programs. These outcomes serve as a foundation for crafting guidelines and educational initiatives to promote responsible media consumption.

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