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A Dehradun-based entrepreneur shared his experience of flying Emirates recently and how the airline took care of passengers after they missed a connecting flight in Dubai.
Emirates, headquartered in Dubai, is the largest airline in the Middle East.

Arvind Datta, founder and CEO of Marigold Wealth, was travelling abroad via Dubai when his flight from Delhi was delayed on Monday.

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“Today due to a technical fault at Delhi, flight was delayed by two hours. Due to delay, missed my connecting flight. There were 80 other pax who too missed,” Datta wrote in a thread on X (formerly Twitter).

Upon arrival in Dubai, Datta was pleasantly surprised to find the Emirates staff ready with fresh boarding passes and hotel bookings for the passengers who had missed their connecting flight.

“They provided visa to go out to the hotel,” he said, adding that the airline would pick them up from the hotel the next morning to take them back to the airport for their onward flight.

“This service standard sets @emirates apart. Delighting customers always,” the entrepreneur said.

Here is what the CEO said about Emirates:

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Datta said that for the last 16 years, he has preferred Emirates over other airlines for his international travels.

Several users commented on the thread, adding that it is not just Emirates but that other Middle-East airlines such as Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways too offer good customer service.

“Agree Qatar too is class apart. Airlines in India have a long way to go to learn from some of the best global airlines,” Datta said.

“It’s also deep resources, extreme privilege and Dubai being hub, which allows them to do it. Not trying to take any credit away from their customer centric actions. Just saying that for most other airlines it’s not even an option, even if they had the same intent,” X user Girish Mallya said in the comments section.

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