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Delhi-NCR is in the grip of an intense summer in 2024, with temperatures soaring to unprecedented levels. The relentless heat has made it a challenge to venture outdoors, and even the nights offer little respite. This extraordinary situation has led to a surge in social media posts, with people sharing their struggles and reactions to the scorching heat. One such post is from a homoeopathic doctor, who shared a humorous incident involving besan ladoos sent by her mother.

A doctor shared this image and wrote that it shows how her besan laddoos melted into a “cake” due to extreme Delhi heat. (X/@thisisbhumika)
A doctor shared this image and wrote that it shows how her besan laddoos melted into a “cake” due to extreme Delhi heat. (X/@thisisbhumika)

“Dear, Besan ke laddoo. Welcome to Delhi ki garmi!” X user and doctor Bhumika wrote as she shared a photo. The picture shows a container filled with food. Her caption indicated that the item that resembled a “Cake” used to be round-shaped besan laddoos that melted due to extreme heat.

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Take a look at the post here:

With over 4.2 lakh views, the share has also accumulated nearly 9,100 likes. The most interesting part was the diverse comments from people, each sharing their unique perspective. Some expressed their wonder at the situation, while others shared personal experiences of how the heat is impacting their lives.

How did X users react to this post on laddoos?

“Besan ke laddoo identifying themselves as besan ka halwa,” joked an X user. Another joined in and said, “Seriously, they were laddoos?” The doctor replied, “Yes, my mom sent me”.

Joining the conversation, a third posted, “That is savage,” while a fourth wrote, “This is not Besan ka laddoo, it’s Besan ka Cake.”

The relentless heat in Delhi-NCR is not just a discomfort, it’s a serious issue. The frequent power outages are leaving residents frustrated and sweltering. The water crisis and heat-induced illness are becoming more severe, painting a grim picture of the situation.

What are your thoughts on this post shared by the doctor about Delhi heat?

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