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Protests against alleged paper leak in NEET-UG exam are going on across the country, anger of students is visible on the streets. They are demanding that the exams be cancelled and re-conducted. There is also the question of who is responsible when years of hard work of students go waste in such cases. We tell you about the confessions of 9 accused. In the police custody, these accused have confessed to their crime and all the accused have named Sikandar Yadavendu.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Saurabh Raaj Jain analysed the failure of National Testing Agency in conducting major exams and demanded that the agency should be scraped.

An investigation into the exam centre’s bank accounts and financial transactions has also begun in the NEET paper leak case. How much amount reached the centres and how much was collected is being investigated.In the investigation so far, 25 cheques of 6 banks, ATM cards have been recovered. The 13 accused, including Sikandar, who have been arrested, have given many important information. The accused had demanded Rs 40 lakh from the complainant. According to the EOU report, 40 students were asked to answer the question paper. At the same time, evidence has been found of dealing of Rs 14 crore to the mafia through Sikandar.

Meanwhile, the EOU probing the NEET paper leak in Bihar called 9 students for questioning on the basis of the rollcode found with the solver gang, out of which only two students turned up for questioning. Both the students were questioned by the EOU for about 2 hours on June 19 i.e. Wednesday. He was also questioned about the connection with the solver gang, it is being told that those students can be questioned again.

All the evidence and the witnesses are pointing out that the NEET paper was leaked. But neither the NTA nor the government is ready to believe that the paper was indeed leaked. But the question remains same that if the NET paper is cancelled then why not NEET? And the bigger question is whether cancelling the paper will end the problem.Shouldn’t there be strict action on NTA? NTA should not be scraped. 

Watch tonight’s DNA for a detailed analysis:


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