“Devastating Blaze Claims 35 Fishing Boats In Visakhapatnam”

“Anand Reddy, Visakhapatnam City Police’s DCP, informed reporters at 1 a.m. that around 25 fishing boats might have been destroyed.

“Anand Reddy, Visakhapatnam City Police’s DCP, informed reporters at 1 a.m. that around 25 fishing boats might have been destroyed by the fire. He shared this information directly from the site.”


Officials are still determining the cause of the blaze that began in the early hours. The fire, which originated in a boat at the zero jetty area, was extinguished by 4 am. It swiftly spread through the vicinity, sparking panic. Yet, authorities haven’t pinpointed the exact trigger for the incident.

“Visakhapatnam’s Regional Fire Officer, Niranjan Reddy, reported an emergency call at 12:30 a.m. on Monday. The fire, quelled by 4:30 a.m., saw 14 fire engines dispatched to control it swiftly. Reddy confirmed the fire’s containment, detailing the rapid response that averted further damage. Transitioning smoothly, Reddy assured the public of the situation’s stability after the early morning ordeal.”

Visakhapatnam cause of fire

A fire sparked near Visakhapatnam Container Terminal and an Indian Oil Corporation site. The blaze affected anchored fishing boats. It broke out in an area nearby, causing concern. This incident happened due to fuel tanks and LPG cylinders. Panic spread throughout the area. The fire occurred, affecting boats in the vicinity. The situation arose close to both the terminal and oil facility, where the boats were anchored.

“During Sunday and Monday night, Deputy Commissioner K Ananda Reddy observed strong winds that rapidly fueled the fire. He mentioned the fire’s swift spread among closely anchored plastic boats made of fiber. The windiness of that night accelerated the flames, as reported by Reddy, who highlighted the fire’s quick movement among the vessels. Plastic boats, tightly moored, amplified the fire’s speed due to the windy conditions. This rapid spread caused concern and drew attention to the fire’s intensity.”

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“These boats often haul 5,000 liters of diesel during weeks-long sea trips. Fishermen take these boats out to sea for extended periods. The diesel serves as their fuel source. It’s crucial for their voyages. Additionally, the boats also contain fuel tanks and LPG cylinders. These elements recently caused a fire. The incident sparked panic in the area. The blaze engulfed multiple vessels. Many were left destroyed.”

More information

“He mentioned each boat’s value ranged from Rs 35 lakh to Rs 50 lakh, as per estimates. The valuation, according to him, falls within this specific range. It was noted that these boats are priced individually. The range between Rs 35 lakh and Rs 50 lakh includes their estimated worth.”

“The police have filed a case for an accidental fire,” he mentioned. This action follows the incident. It’s been categorized as accidental. The authorities took this step in response. This decision comes after the event occurred. They’re addressing the situation accordingly. They’ve initiated the legal process. This action aims to address the incident. It’s part of their investigative process. They’re working on understanding the situation. This step was necessary in this scenario.

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