Crunchyroll Discontinues Manga App on Web and Mobile Platforms.

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Crunchyroll is closing its digital manga distribution service, as officially announced. The shutdown impacts both web and mobile users.


According to Anime News Network, Crunchyroll’s manga app, connected to its premium anime subscription, will end on Dec. 11. This aligns with the company’s goal of improving fan experiences. Despite prior email warnings on Nov. 7, the app’s collection stays available until Dec. 11. Importantly, Crunchyroll’s Store will continue selling physical manga volumes, providing ongoing access for manga fans.

In 2013, Crunchyroll partnered with Kodansha USA Publishing to create its Digital Manga App. The app aimed to offer subscribers new chapters of popular manga, with some series receiving simultaneous releases. However, over time, Crunchyroll removed several titles, including 24 in 2018. Kodansha USA explained that this removal was due to changes in its simulpub distribution program.

Crunchyroll’s Manga Service (Digital) will officially shut down on Dec. 11.

Crunchyroll’s decision to close its manga app might be related to recent expansions in anime and gaming. They introduced a 24/7 anime channel in the U.S. and a video game app for Mega-fan and Ultimate-fan subscribers known as the Crunchyroll Game Vault. This gaming platform offers a range of experiences, from soothing puzzles like Inbento to thrilling beat-em-ups like River City Girls. Terry Li, Crunchyroll’s Executive Vice President of Emerging Business, emphasizes the goal of selecting games that appeal to different segments of their fanbase.

Crunchyroll has a gaming division called Crunchyroll Games. They’re making One-Punch Man World, a free online multiplayer action game inspired by the popular shonen series. In this game, players become heroes like Saitama and Genos, protecting humanity in the vast world of Z-City. Terry Li, Crunchyroll’s Executive Vice President of Emerging Business, notes the large scale of this project. It’s the first time the company is focusing on a PC-first experience for such a big effort.


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