“Cameron’s Remarkable Cabinet Return Sparks Political Surge.”

Mr Cameron, 57, quit as prime minister in 2016 after losing the Brexit referendum. He stood down as an MP.

Mr Cameron, 57, quit as prime minister in 2016 after losing the Brexit referendum. He stood down as an MP of the cabinet same year.


In a surprising twist, ex-UK leader David Cameron reentered the British government on Monday, securing the role of foreign secretary. This unexpected development unfolded as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak orchestrated a significant reshuffle in anticipation of an upcoming general election next year. The shake-up, which saw Cameron’s sensational return, reflects Sunak’s strategic vision for a revamped leadership team. The move positions Cameron at the forefront of diplomatic affairs, marking a pivotal moment in UK politics.

In a strategic move, Sunak dismissed right-wing figure Suella Braverman as interior minister, amidst criticism for escalating tensions during recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations and counter-protests in Britain. Critics accused her of heightening discord, leading to this consequential decision.

Sunak’s entry

The change underscores Sunak’s commitment to a more harmonious leadership, aligning with public sentiment. The reshuffle reflects a calculated response to concerns surrounding Braverman’s handling of the situation, signaling a shift in the government’s approach to domestic affairs.

He replaced her with James Cleverly, who had been foreign secretary, before announcing Cameron as Cleverly’s surprise replacement.

"Cameron's Remarkable Cabinet Return Sparks Political Surge." 1 "Cameron's Remarkable Cabinet Return Sparks Political Surge."

At 57, Cameron resigned as prime minister in 2016 following the Brexit referendum loss, also stepping down as an MP that year.

His reputation suffered a blow in 2021 amid a lobbying scandal involving Greensill Capital’s collapse. Downing Street announced his appointment as a life peer in the House of Lords, allowing him a government role.

Cameron, acknowledging the challenges ahead, expressed eagerness to leverage his 11-year Conservative leadership and 6-year prime ministership experience in addressing pressing international issues.

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Braverman, upon her dismissal, expressed gratitude for serving as home secretary, calling it the greatest privilege. She hinted at sharing more insights soon. Sunak’s recent reshuffle, the first since taking office in October, aims to fortify the government’s leadership for a brighter future.

The Conservatives, in power for nearly 14 years, emphasized the changes as pivotal for making enduring decisions.

The shake-up, set to unfold throughout the day, is anticipated to recognize party loyalists and nurture emerging MPs amid ongoing popularity challenges.

The Tories have trailed the main Labour opposition by double-digit margins throughout Sunak’s time in power, and are widely tipped to lose the contest due next year.

Despite his global influence, Cameron’s appointment may not sway voters, as recent polls indicate unfavorable sentiments from 45% of UK adults. While Sunak may value Cameron’s international clout, the move is viewed skeptically by political analysts.

Tim Bale, a politics professor, suggests that appealing to dissatisfied centrist and centre-right voters.

may be Sunak’s intention, but expresses doubt about its effectiveness.

The decision is seen by some as a desperate move with questionable impact on public perception.

Braverman faced controversy during her tenure, notably for a hardline immigration stance and involvement in divisive culture wars.

Great cabinet comeback

its position became precarious after an unauthorized article accusing police bias towards left-wing causes heightened tensions before weekend protests.

Critics argue her remarks fueled far-right counter-demonstrations, resulting in arrests.

Downing Street initiated an investigation into the article’s unauthorized publication, violating the ministerial code. Braverman’s statements, perceived as appealing to the right wing, were seen as positioning herself for future.

Tory leadership, notably amid divisive Gaza ceasefire protests in the cabinet.

Braverman, a right-winger, labeled her critics as the liberal “tofu-eating wokerati” and expressed her aspiration of sending asylum.

Seekers to Rwanda as a “dream” and “obsession” shortly after her appointment. This controversial stance has fueled criticism and added to the divisive nature of her public image.

Her choice of language and policy preferences have intensified the scrutiny surrounding her, contributing to the challenges she faced during her tenure.

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