California wildfires devour thousands of acres, thousands evacuated, structures threatened

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Ghastly blazes broke out over the weekend and spread across lands along with the hot, humid weather and the gusty hot winds in the state of California. The Post Fire, burning near Gorman, northwest of Los Angeles broke out on Saturday afternoon and by Monday morning the fire along with the gusty winds was powerful enough to devour 15,610 acres of mountainous land.

Wildfires, Post Fire and Point Fire among others broke out in California over the weekend and continue to spread, destroying vast acres of land in its wake.
Wildfires, Post Fire and Point Fire among others broke out in California over the weekend and continue to spread, destroying vast acres of land in its wake.

The Point Fire broke out in Sonoma and destroyed 1,190 stretches of land. The cause of these wildfires has yet to be identified. Amid the onset of wildfires, advisories and fire maps have been issued for the safe rescue ofresidents in the concerned areas.

Updates on post-fire

One of the most massive fires so far of the 11 wildfires burning in the state is the Post Fire. What started as a brushfire near Gorman in northwestern Los Angeles County resulted in evacuation efforts of residents. By Monday morning the wildfire destroyed approximately 15,000 acres of land. As reported by CBS News, 1,100 personnel from 34 different crews are working together to put out the fire.

The crew has managed to contain around 20% of the blaze so far with the aid of 14 water tankers, 11 bulldozers and several helicopters along with other vehicles. A total of 1,100 people have been evacuated from the Hungary Valley Park and Pyramid Lake was shut down as the wildfire neared the locations.

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Updates on Point Fire

According to the updates provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, also known as CalFire, to CBS News, the wildfire erupted in Sonoma, near north of San Francisco. 400 personnel from 12 different crews wired together to put out the fire and managed to contain 20% of the blaze. The firefighters used 10 water tankers, 4 helicopters, and air tankers to help in fire suppression.

Firefighters evacuated hundreds of people on Sunday as the wildfire sparked. In addition, 4,000 residents were given warnings of evacuation as two resident structures were destroyed by Monday nightfall.

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Red Flag warnings in effect

On Monday morning, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center warned that the gusty winds around wildfires overlapped with low humidity over parts of California, creating the perfect conditions for wildfires to spread over large stretches of land. According to CBS News, the forecast mentioned high concerns of fire in areas of Sacramento Valley, Joaquin Valley, the western Transverse Ranges and the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range which collectively build a massive chunk of California.

A map from CalFire warned about haze and smoke in southern Nevada and large expanses of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.

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