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New Delhi: A ruckus took place in Lok Sabha on Monday after Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi hit out at the BJP over the ‘Agniveer’ scheme and claimed that Agniveer is not called a ‘jawan’ and will not get a pension. On the other hand, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh objected to Gandhi’s ‘Agniveer’ remark in parliament and said financial assistance of one crore rupees is given to the family of the Agniveer who sacrifices their lives in defence of the nation or during wartime.

Rajnath Singh criticised Rahul Gandhi for trying to mislead the Lok Sabha by making wrong statements about Agniveer’s scheme.

“He Rahul Gandhi) should not try to mislead the House by making wrong statements. Financial assistance of Rs one crore is given to the family of the Agniveer who sacrifices his life while protecting our borders or during war,” Rajnath said.

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Agniveer is not called a ‘jawan’ and said that Agniveers serving for four years will not get a pension.

“One Agniveer lost his life in a landmine blast but he is not called a ‘martyr’… ‘Agniveer’ is a use and throw labourer,” he said in parliament. 

“On one side, you give him training for six months and on the other side, the Chinese soldiers receive training for five years. You give the rifle to our jawan and make him stand in front of them. You strike fear into his heart. You create a rift between two jawans. One gets a pension and the other does not. And then you call yourself ‘deshbhakt’. ‘Ye kaise deshbhakt hai?” Rahul Gandhi said while attacking the BJP-led NDA government.

During his speech in parliament, the Congress leader announced that he would abolish the Agniveer scheme after the INDIA alliance came into power.


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