Bio-India Sparks Make In India Boom

The Global Bio-India summit stands at the forefront, serving as a dynamic force driving India’s biotechnology sector towards self-reliance. This.

The Global Bio-India summit stands at the forefront, serving as a dynamic force driving India’s biotechnology sector towards self-reliance.

This biennial event not only fosters collaboration but also fuels innovation, providing a significant boost to the ‘Make In India’ and ‘Startup India’ initiatives.


Collaborative Synergy:

Global Bio-India acts as a nexus, bringing together industry leaders, research institutions, and startups.

Through facilitated dialogues and partnerships, the summit accelerates the assimilation of cutting-edge technologies, fortifying the foundation for indigenous biotech manufacturing.

Innovation Hub:

Innovation takes center stage at Global Bio-India, where the exchange of ideas and breakthroughs becomes a driving force.

The summit, with its panel discussions and technology showcases, cultivates a fertile ground for novel concepts, aligning seamlessly with the ‘Make In India’ initiative.

Spotlight on Startups:

Startups find a dedicated platform at Global Bio-India, unveiling their innovations and attracting investors.

The summit becomes a launchpad for emerging enterprises, reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit vital for the growth of the biotech landscape under the ‘Startup India’ campaign.

Global Recognition and Market Access:

Beyond domestic boundaries, Global Bio-India elevates India’s biotech capabilities on the global stage.

The international exposure attracts investments and opens avenues for Indian biotech products, supporting the ‘Make In India’ vision of transforming the nation into a global manufacturing hub.

Reinforcing Government Initiatives:

The summit underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for the biotech sector.

Policies and initiatives are refined, providing stakeholders with a robust framework, in sync with the ‘Make In India’ strategy.

Skill Development and Human Capital:

An essential facet of ‘Make In India’ is the development of a skilled workforce.

Global Bio-India contributes significantly by offering workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, ensuring that the human capital remains aligned with the technological advancements in the biotech domain.

Sustainable Biotech Practices:

Addressing the global demand for sustainability, Global Bio-India becomes a hub for discussions on green manufacturing processes and eco-friendly products.

The summit showcases how ‘Make In India’ can be synonymous with sustainable practices, adding a responsible dimension to India’s biotech narrative.


In the tapestry of India’s biotech landscape, Global Bio-India emerges as a vibrant thread weaving together the principles of ‘Make In India’ and ‘Startup India.’

Through collaboration, innovation, and global exposure, the summit propels the sector towards self-reliance, defining a narrative where India not only manufactures biotech solutions but pioneers them globally.

As the event evolves, it continues to guide the nation towards a future where indigenous biotech capabilities drive economic growth and technological excellence.

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