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Microsoft founder Bill Gates doesn’t think that the massive acceleration in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) users will impact the jobs of software engineers. During an interaction with Zerodha founder Nikhil Kamath on his podcast, Bill Gates outlined the transformational role of AI and how it can benefit humanity. 

“The amazing thing about this technology is that we know it can help in key areas, and we know it can create educational tutors. We have seen several projects in India and the US that are showing great results. The potential is incredible if we knew that all it did was make jobs more productive,” Bill Gates said. 

Bill Gates specifically addressed the concerns related to the role of software engineers in future and called it “alarmist” as the relevance of the kind of work they do will continue. “We still need those software engineers as we are not going to stop needing them,” the Microsoft founder added. 

On the question that AI can replace all jobs, Bill Gates responded in abstract manner and laid out how wonderful the technology will be for old people or handicapped people. He also mentioned that the AI technology has the potential to alter and dismantle “the very organising principles of society and what we value.”

But he gave a timeline and said that he doesn’t see it happening for the next 20 years. “Although I am not sure of that,” Bill Gates said with a smile. 

Capitalism vs Socialism

Nikhil Kamath took the podcast in intresting trajectory when he asked Bill Gates about his preference on Capitalism vs Socialism debate. The Microsoft CEO didn’t waste much time choosing capitalism and elaborated on the reason behind his choice. 

“Capitalism gives you the freedom to start a new business or try out a new product, and that is an idea of freedom as it is not based on your background or class, and there is a discovery power,” he sadid. 

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Published: 14 Jun 2024, 10:28 PM IST


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