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Bigg Boss 17: The fight between the two married couples seem to have started over Aishwarya Sharma nominating Vicky Jain.

Bigg Boss 17

The friendship between the two married in the Bigg Boss 17 house seems to turned sour now. The new promo shows Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain having an ugly fight with Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt. It opens with Vicky asking Aishwarya about why she nominated him for elimination from the reality show. And soon things go out of control with Aishwarya calling Ankita a ‘chudail (witch)’.

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Ankita and Vikki vs Neil and Aishwarya

The Bigg Boss 17 promo shows Vicky and Neil joining their spouses in the fight. Ankita says about Neil, “Wasn’t I on good terms with him? Why was he faking it then?” When she asks Neil if he is able to understand the situation, he yells at her in a fierce manner and even calls her ‘paagal (mad)’. Aishwarya also coming yelling at Ankita and screams at her, calling her ‘chudail (witch)’.

Reactions to the fight

Reacting to the promo on Instagram, a viewer wrote, “Are bhai kya ho raha hai pakado pakado inko (Oh God, what is this happening? Stop them now).” Another said, “Itna overacting couple hei yeh neil n aishwarya…. Koi mudhhaa hi nahi inke pass (Neil and Aishwarya are an overacting couple, they don’t have an issue to talk about).” A viewer wrote, “Yhe Aishwarya chudail khe rahi hai ladte time to khud chudail lag rahi hai aur Neil gusse main apni jacket utaar kar saabit kya karna chahta hai, marega kya Ankita ko, mujhe yhe dono couple acche lagte hai Aishwarya and Neil but pata nhi kyu mujhe aisa lag raha hai yhe rubina or abhinav banne ki koshish kar rahe hai (This Aishwarya is calling Ankita a witch but she is herself looking like witch. And is Neil trying to prove by removing his jacket, will he beat up Ankita? I like Aishwarya and Neil but I think they are trying to become Rubina and Abhinav).”

A viewer, however, called it scripted since Vicky and Neil have confessed discussing their participation even before entering the house. The viewer wrote, “This fight is completely scripted from outside, these two couples have already planned everything outside that they will fight with each other for footage and next day they will be normal again… Don’t show us this fake couples… We wanna see tasks dude all ppl are fighting unnecessary specially in yesterday’s fight of coffee was most boring fight ever in history of Bigg Boss.”

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