Apple’s Tim Cook Confirms Generative AI: Features by 2024

Introduction: Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has officially confirmed the company’s development of generative AI during an investor call. This announcement.


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has officially confirmed the company’s development of generative AI during an investor call.

This announcement follows the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot renowned for its human-like responses.

Discussions and speculations about Apple entering the generative AI domain have been circulating widely.

Cook disclosed in August that Apple has been investing in generative AI capabilities for several years.

Emphasizing their commitment to responsible technology advancement.


In the recent investor call, Cook reiterated Apple’s dedication to working on generative AI while emphasizing the importance of ethical and responsible use of the technology.

Tim Cook talks AI:

According to a report from 9 to 5 Mac, Tim Cook revealed in an investor call that Apple is actively developing generative AI and is committed to using it responsibly.

There have been speculations that users might experience these AI features by 2024.

However, it’s essential to approach this information cautiously since it hasn’t been officially confirmed and remains speculative.

Returning to Cook’s statement, he acknowledged the existence of ongoing work in generative AI but refrained from delving into specifics.

Cook stated, “In terms of generative AI, obviously, we have work going on.

I’m not going to get into details about what it is, because as you know, we really don’t do that.

But you can bet that we’re investing, We’re going to do it responsibly, and it will.

You will see product advancements over time where those technologies are at the heart of them.”

When Tim Cook Teased Apple’s Gen AI Endeavors:

In August this year, Cook disclosed Apple’s extensive involvement in generative AI.

During an interview with Reuters, he stated that the company has been dedicating resources to generative AI for an extended period.

This commitment is reflected in their R&D expenditure, which has reached USD 22.61 billion for the current fiscal year, marking a USD 3.12 billion increase from the previous year.

Cook emphasized their long-standing research across various AI technologies, including generative AI.

He emphasized Apple’s continued investment in these technologies, aiming to enrich people’s lives while ensuring responsible advancement.

The significant investments made in this area are evident in their R&D spending.

Moreover, Apple is actively recruiting for generative AI positions, as indicated on its US careers page.

A search for ‘Generative AI’ yields numerous relevant job listings.

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