Airtel, Jio prepaid tariff hike on July 3: Use this trick to avoid paying the new price before July 3

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Telecom giants Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, last week, revised their tariff plans. While Airtel’s hike is in the 10-21% range, Jio has increased the prices by 12-25%.The new plans will be applicable starting July 3. So, if you want to retain your old plan — even for a month — you still have a chance. However, there is also a trick for prepaid customers that can allow you to extend the validity of your current plans. Postpaid users will have to pay the revised prices once their bill cycle is over.

How It Works

Extend Your Plan: If you recharge your Airtel unlimited calling plan before it expires, the validity of your new recharge will be added to the remaining days of your current plan. This ensures you have uninterrupted service.Maximum Limit: You can extend the validity of your plan up to a total of 730 days. After reaching this limit, further recharges will not add any more days.Fixed Data Plans: For plans priced at ₹155, ₹179, ₹199, ₹289, ₹296, ₹455, ₹489, ₹509, and ₹1799, you must use the same plan for the subsequent recharge to extend the validity. For example, if you start with ₹199, you must recharge with ₹199 again. Otherwise, the more expensive plan will become active immediately.

Daily Data Plans: For plans priced at ₹209, ₹239, ₹265, ₹299, ₹319, ₹359, ₹399, ₹479, ₹499, ₹519, ₹549, ₹666, ₹699, ₹719, ₹779, ₹839, ₹869, ₹999, ₹1499, ₹2999, and ₹3359, you can extend the validity with any plan within this group. For instance, if you start with ₹299, you can recharge with ₹399 or any other plan within this group.

Jio Advance Recharge

While Jio does not explicitly mention this on its website, users can still use the same trick to queue up their recharges for prepaid plans. Unlike Airtel, there is no capping on the number of days you can recharge in advance.

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