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As several parts of India are facing a water crisis, a household came up with a clever way to reuse the water which falls from the air conditioner. After a video showing how the household managed to save some water, it quickly went viral and impressed numerous social media users. In fact, a few netizens also started comparing the people who did this “jugaad” to Elon Musk.

Snapshot from the video which shows AC and cooler connected through a pipe. (X/@terakyalenadena)
Snapshot from the video which shows AC and cooler connected through a pipe. (X/@terakyalenadena)

The video depicts someone recording the exterior of a house. It shows an air conditioner installed on the first floor of the building and a cooler on the ground floor. A pipe connects both the AC and the cooler to collect the dripping water from the air conditioner and direct it into the cooler. (Also Read: ‘Jugaad knows no bound’: Man turns car into cosy bedroom)

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While sharing this video, X user Ankit, in the caption of the post wrote, “This is Elon Musk.”

Watch the video here:

This post was shared on June 15. Since being posted, it has gained close to three million views. The share also has numerous likes and comments. Many people flocked to the comments section of the post to share their reactions. (Also Read: Entrepreneur’s desi jugaad at US visa interview is now viral: ‘My grandfather did while leaving Pakistan’)

Here’s how people reacted to the viral video:

An individual wrote, “When you use 100% of your brain.”

Another person added, “Love it. Little things when done by many can make a huge difference.”

“Sustainability is in our blood!” said a third X user.

Someone else shared, “On a serious note, the water from ac is highly contaminated due to dirt and dust settled on evaporator oils of indoor unit. This water is best drained. It contains bacteria, fungi and other microbes which cause throat and other infections.”

A few others also compared the people in the household to Elon Musk and even tagged the tech billionaire in the post.


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